At E3 this year, Respawn Entertainment gave us a peek into the next season of their hit battle royale game Apex Legends. Without cluttering up this article too much, let’s get into it!

The Apex E3 block started with the announcement of a new weapon, the L-Star. This weapon, which players of Titanfall 2 might find familiar, uses an “experimental” ammo type and boasts the ability to open doors just by firing at them. The weapon will only be available from Care Packages due to it’s extreme power. There won’t be any way to pick up more ammo for it, similar to the Mastiff and Kraber.

After the L-Star reveal, Drew McCoy, the Project Lead for Apex, hinted at a couple of new hop ups, including one for the Mozambique to make the weapon less of a meme and more of a genuine weapon choice in game which is something fans have been hoping for ever since their first time firing a gun that can only be described as “a weapon”

Next up was talk about the Battle Pass for season 2. We are given the glorious news that the Battle Pass has been seriously upgraded since Season 1. The Pass this time around will be more challenge based, which will allow players to level the pass up a lot quicker. On top of that there will be more skins and less badges and trackers so levelling up is going to feel a lot more rewarding.

One of the new skins revealed was a new legendary for Caustic named Prince of Darkness. If Caustic wasn’t edgelord enough with his voice lines, Respawn have pushed him into full Reaper territory with a frankly awesome looking skin. They also mentioned a Jade Tiger skin for Octane. The Spitfire and R-301 are also getting new skins in the form of the Intimidator for the Spitfire and the Iron Rampage for the R-301. The Iron Rampage will also come with a gold variant.

Next up: RANKED MODE! You asked, they answered. Ranked mode will feature 6 tiers from Bronze up to Apex Predator. Each tier will have it’s own matchmaking parameters so you only get paired with people at your skill level. Your placement at the end of the season will also net rewards to take into Season 3.

We are then taken into the conversation about the next legend, Support class Wattson. Starting with a touching animated opening showing Wattson as the daughter of the creator of the Apex arena and it seems she helped create the Ring that pushes everyone in to each other over time.

Her abilities seem geared towards changing the somewhat static gameplay of the late game with her ability to place up to 12 nodes down that when they connect to each other create a wall that friendly players can pass through harm free but when an enemy crosses it’s threshold they will take damage and be disoriented as well as have their position alerted to Wattson and her team. Her ultimate ability places a pylon that denies all forms of bombardments and grenades to avoid “arc star spam” which we all know is an incredibly painful time. Her ultimate will also recharge shields and the closer Wattson is to the pylon, the faster her nodes come off cooldown, allowing her to effectively lock off areas and keep her team healthy. Using an Ultimate accelerant as Wattson will give you your complete ultimate so stacking a couple in your inventory for late game seems like a strong card to play.

No doubt after a couple of weeks players will find any number of create ways around her abilities but she seems like a strong addition to the Support class Legends.

The end of the Apex E3 show had a quick video rundown of everything we’ve already covered but also showed this ominously large eye following a player as they dropped in before being promised “big things coming to Kings Canyon”. What does it mean? We’re certainly going to find out soon.

Season 2 of Apex Legends starts on July 2, 2019.

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