Ubisoft are undoubtedly one of the reigning kings of the AAA game market and they are sitting on so many lucrative series that they could make show off anything. Personally I’m still hopeful they remember that Rayman games are good again but I am also resigned into thinking it could be a long time before we see that limbless hero back where he belongs – in a video game.

Before the show we did know a few things that would show up – Watch Dogs: Legion, they’ll be a Just Dance thing and probably new stuff for Division 2 and Siege. So, were Ubisoft able to conjure up any surprises? Well…

The show starts off with the Assassin’s Creed Symphony performing a montage of ‘iconic’ songs from the games. There was a few people I saw making light of the fact that Assassin’s Creed does not have a lot of iconic songs but the performance was neat and the one song I did recognise – Ezio’s theme – was good. They are going on tour all around the world. Clearly talented musicians but it is a weird series to form a symphony around. Also that is as much Assassin’s Creed content as we will get for this presentation. Now, the games…

Watch Dogs: Legion

So I am excited for a new Watch Dogs game: the first is a grim experience but the second one took itself a lot less seriously and as a result it made for a much more fun game with the ability to get up to hijinks and mischief. Legion seems like it’s tonally in between these two games. We get shown a very cockney lad going around looking for someone to recruit into Deadsec – the rebellious hacker group in the WD series. Our character Ian finds someone specifically talented at taking down drones which now plague the streets of London. However, Droneboy gets caught and Ian attempts to save him but ultimately is shot and eventually dies as a result.

This is showing off the ‘play as anyone’ feature – there does not seem to be a solid main character in Legion, instead you can recruit any NPC into DeadSec and can switch between them, they all have different skills and personalities. When Ian dies the player respawns as Helen, a old pensioner and honestly this is where the game sold me. She gets a montage of her kicking ass to the tune of In the Hall of the Mountain King while still very clearly being a nice old English grandma. It was funny and the idea of playing as any NPC has cool potential.

Helen gets Droneboy’s records to find out where he is being transported and then it cuts to Naomi who sneaks into their little base, hitching a ride on a drone to get there, and then engaging in combat with the guards to rescue Droneboy. I’m calling him Droneboy because I forgot his name. Was it Jimmy? Anyway, he decides to join DeadSec right after and that is the trailer over.

All your characters are joined by Bagley, a jolly English chap who talks to you as you go about your mission. We do not know too much about him. Kinda has a Jarvis feel to him though.

The story will be centred around DeadSec trying to liberate a post-Brexit London from a regime that has placed the city under constant surveillance. London is in turmoil with riots, bombing and drones everywhere – while people are thrown into prison camps. It does not seem as bright and colourful as Watch Dogs 2 but it clearly still has a sense of humour and a lot of the characters you play as had their own personalities in how they interacted with Bagley.

The game will not be out this Holiday – it is taking the Far Cry spot for next March – the 6th of March to be exact. It looks really good and I hope they keep up with making this series as fun as possible.

Mythic Quest

Not a game. Rob McElhenney from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia went on stage to talk about his new TV series which Ubisoft partnered up with him on. It is about a game development studio who have released the world’s most successful MMO and the series tracks them as they are about to release it’s first expansion. McElhenney plays Ian Grimm, the asshole arrogant pretentious game director. The clip they showed was not the best and it barely contained a joke other than “heh, this character is an asshole”. It will be on Apple TV when it comes out but I cannot judge whether it will be any good or not until I can see more of it.

They announced that Rainbow Six Siege will be getting some more content soon. It had a spy movie type trailer attached to it. Siege is still going strong from what I can tell.

Adventure Time comes to Brawlhalla

So this counts as a neat surprise? Never played Brawlhalla to be honest but people seem to like it and people like Adventure Time so why not mash them together. Jake and Finn will be a playable character and it is out now. Nice.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

So the first trailer showed Jon Bernthal making a speech to his soldier buddies, inspiring them before they head into combat. The real man then comes onto stage with his dog Bam Bam and BAM BAM is such a good dog, though there was no real reason for Bam Bam to be there we all appreciated Bam Bam being there. Everyone should have to bring a dog with them on stage at E3.

So Bernthal’s soldiers seem to be super high tech soldiers and they will be going head to head with more guerrilla based soldiers. They sold it as technology vs skill.

Then the Community Director for Ubisoft Paris announced some Ghost Recon community hub for people to cosplay and stream and post about Ghost Recon. I always forget that these games are actually big deals.

It will be out on October 4th BUT the Beta will go live September 5th and you can sign up to get access to the Beta now. They also promised it would have years of content produced for it – they seem to want to make this the next Siege.

Oh and they announced something Terminator related was coming to the game too. It makes sense to be fair.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

Sooooo this. This is a free to play mobile RPG where you can play as the various characters from Tom Clancy games such as The Division man and a lady from Wildlands and Sam Fisher which is just teasing at this point. It did not look great and it is going into a crowded market of collectable RPG mobile games.

Just Dance

Obligatory Just Dance section now and they start with a video celebrating ten whole years of Just Dance and admittedly it was a cute little video. This seamlessly transitioned into a dance routine where they danced to High Hopes, a second song I am too out of touch to know, and that Skibidi song that was a meme I think? A viral hit? I am getting old jeez.

Oh, and do not worry – Just Dance 2020…will be out on the Wii. Phew. Glad that’s sorted.

For Honor

For Honor – a game I thought was dead – is getting a new update called Shadows of the Hitokiri. It’s Samurai based. It features a new character, a female Samurai warrior of Sakura, and a limited time mode called Soul Rush. So For Honor players, firstly I apologise but secondly there you go! More content.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine

If I have to type Tom Clancy’s one more time I’m gonna need quarantined. It is a spooky game and it shows a man with some sort of illness that is spreading across his arm being hunted by a big spooky shadow (we don’t see the monster in the trailer) before being rescued by three armed soldiers. It is going to be a 3-player co-op game where you kill zombies from what I can gather using my keen journalistic senses (I googled it). No gameplay yet but we can probably guess how it goes.

Tom Clancy’s (ARRRGH) Division 2

At least this was short, they talked about some of the upcoming expansions to Division 2 that will take the action outside D.C. all the way to just outside D.C. There are three Episodes confirmed and they seem to revolve around finding a traitor. I was watching Giant Bomb’s coverage of the conference and their stream died around about this point so I think I missed a couple of minutes so I’ll link the video here. Apologies.

There is going to be a free trial of The Division 2 from June 13th-16th which again is a cool idea to get new players in before the expansions come out, clever Ubisoft.

Uplay +

They’re doing an EA Access which is not a terrible idea for a company with Ubisoft’s history, it makes sense. It will cost $14.99 per month and it will have over 100 games from Ubisoft’s back catalogue and front catalogue too as it will also have all their new releases on it too.

Roller Champions

It’s Rollerball – a new 3-on-3 team sports game. The aim of the game is to skate around an oval track and take control of the ball and then throw through a hoop to score a point. You can tackle the ball holder to try and win the ball back. There is an Alpha available today via Uplay and I hope it is neat. I like the idea and it’s very Rocket League esque but Rocket League is ace. I want to see more of this but I reckon I could end up playing it at some point.

Gods & Monsters

The show closer was Gods & Monsters, made by some of the people who helped make Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. It is an open world game based on Ancient Greek mythology – apparently Homer (not the Simpson) will be narrating your journey within the game. There will be plenty of mythological creatures to slay and Gods to appease. You will be tasked to bring power back to the Gods of Olympus after it was stolen by Typhon. We didn’t see too much of the game and then the stream jarringly transitioned into the hype for T-Pain vs Lil Yachty in a Siege match.

So that’s it for Ubisoft’s conference. Watch Dogs looks ace but the rest really depends on how much you like the Tom Clancy stuff because that was 80% of this conference. Just Square and Nintendo to talk about next. Phew.

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