Devolver Digital is one of the biggest publishers for indie games out there and so it makes sense that they are back for the third year in a row presenting a big press conference showing off all the ways they want you to spend your money. However, things have changed this year as at the end of last years conference Nina Struthers was brutally gunned down.

Luckily in today’s gaming industry even if you are dead they will still find a way to bring you back to life as an unresponsive robot and force you to present Devolver Direct because press conferences are so old hat at this point it’s all about those marketing videos.

For those of you who have never watched a Devolver E3 presentation before this might sound like madness but for those who have, this is the sort of thing you can expect. Meta commentary, so much swearing and a lot of blood. This year did not disappoint. I mean as soon as the “Devolver Direct” started, Nina killed her youthful co-star by ripping out his throat. They are not shy at taking digs at the whole E3 process as well as some of the shadier and bad practices of the entire game industry. I won’t go into too much more details about that, it’s worth a watch.

Luckily there are games to talk about as well so let’s go!

Fall Guys

Fall Guys has some cutesy characters competing in what looks like it is going to be a mixture of a battle royale game (sigh) but also Takeshi’s Castle/Total Wipeout. There was no gameplay footage but judging by the trailer there are 100 fall guys and they all take part in various obstacles where they can attempt to sabotage other players into falling. There was a few that could actually be a game from Takeshi’s Castle and if they go hog wild with this idea it could be a very fun game indeed. As always it is hard to get excited over just a cinematic trailer but the premise has potential gold written all over it and it will be out Early 2020.

Devolver Bootleg

Announced as the world’s first grey market gaming marketplace, Devolver Bootleg is available on Steam right now and contains bootleg versions of some of their most well known games. These include Hotline: Milwaukee, Enter the Gun Dungeon and Luftrousers. However there are a couple of rip offs from other companies games including perhaps my favourite game title of E3 so far – Catsylvania. CATSYLVANIA. I do not need to say anything else.

If you buy now you can get a whopping 1% off the full price, wow! Jokes aside, for £4 it might be worth looking at in case there is a surprise hit hidden within. If nothing else, it gave us a chuckle or two.


Carrion is a 2D pixel art horror game by Phobia Game Studio where YOU play the monster. You play a big giant meat blob that goes around a science facility killing humans, absorbing humans into you to make you grow bigger and more powerful and it all looks unpleasant but in a totally purposeful way. Imagine playing as The Thing, sneaking your way through vents to perfectly set up the next kill. It looks neat. And horrific.

Enter the Gungeon Arcade

So this is definitely the most intriguing announcement – Devolver are making a legit arcade cabinet based on the Enter the Gungeon license. It will be a light gun game and should start shipping in 2020. It will be called Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gundead which is currently second place in my Favourite Game Title of E3 list (Catsylvania though. Amazing). It is a very apt license to use for a light gun game as well since everything in that game is themed around guns. Hopefully it will be gun, I mean fun.

The Messenger: Picnic Panic

A free expansion to The Messenger will come out next month and will see what happens when a Ninja decides to take a vacation to a tropical island. There will be new story, new enemies and new bosses and at point I’m pretty sure I saw the character surf using a board made out of skull and bones. I never played The Messenger but apparently it was very good so some extra content for fans of the game should hopefully be a welcome addition.

My Friend Pedro

It is a acrobatic 2D side scrolling shoot ’em up that is very bloody, very fast paces and very much contains a sentient talking banana who I guess is the mastermind behind you killing all these people? There was times when you could throw a grenade to blow up people and then use the remains of their bodies to kick into the survivors to put them off so you could shoot them. Time slows down when you jump and it looks pretty cool.

It is out in two weeks time, June 20th to be exact, so not long to wait to see if it is any good or not.

And that was that. Definitely check out the video of the conference, it is only about 20 minutes long and is packed with meta commentary and humour. The games look interesting for the most part and I do kinda want to see more of Fall Guys so they got me there. That’s all for Devolver, Ubisoft and Square-Enix are tonight so I gotta prepare myself for that now. See you then.

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