The end is near for all the major companies making their big announcements on the big stage. Or in Nintendo’s case, the big digital stage. They have some big guns to bring out for their biggest Direct of the year and we can expect a new Smash character (or two) to be announced as well the upcoming Link’s Awakening remake and who knows, maybe we will see some Animal Crossing! I mean, I know, since I am writing this after the Direct finished and I put it in the title. LET’S MOSEY.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC 2

We start the presentation of with the much anticipated reveal of the next Smash Bros Ultimate DLC character. There has been a lot of speculation on who it could be. Well once the dust was settled we found out that it was…the hero from the Dragon Quests! Which one you ask? Yes, I reply.

The Hero is literally the name of the player and the default skin maybe from Dragon Quest XI but other DQ protagonists are offered as different skins so you can play as the Hero from your favourite DQ game (hopefully). Hero is a sword character which means he slices and dices opponents but he also has a shield for when he’s feeling shy and a fire ball for when he’s feeling spicy.

The most interesting thing about the Hero is the MP bar that they have and the little RPG menu that pops up with four abilities that use said MP bar. The four options are Sizzle, Psyche Up, Oomph and Snooze. This is also the four stages of a day in the life of me. They showed off some moves that turned the Hero into metal, self destruct in order to cause massive damage and an extended leap into the air.

I like the idea of the little RPG bar to do some unique moves it could be fun though trying to navigate a menu while in a frantic Smash match could cause chaos. Which means it is perfect. The Hero from Dragon Quest will be released during the summer, there is no specific date for it yet.

And of course, this might not be all the Smash news we get…

Luigi’s Mansion 3

There was a funny little skit with Bowser in a tie attempting to present the Direct only for the new President of Nintendo of America Doug Bowser to shoo him away. It was funny. This is Bowser’s first Direct after replacing Reggie and he did okay but he has large shoes to fill and I’m prepared to give him time to grow into them.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 takes place in a spooky hotel and it is up to Luigi to save his buddies by bustin’ all the ghosties he sees. He has his Poltergust vacuum ready to suck the life out of ghosts (resuck the life out of ghosts?) but he also has some new moves to make it easier to bust the ghosts. He can use the vacuum to slam the ghosts into the ground for some of the more stubborn ones, also can be used to slam the ghost into other ghosts. The Suction Shot sends out a little plunger type gadget that will remove furniture and shields out of the equation, making it useful for both finding and defeating ghosts. Luigi also has a Burst attack for when he is surrounded, he can force the ghosts out of his hair for a little while.

Co-op is supported in this game by creating Gooigi – a Luigi clone made out of goo that can help him out when Luigi needs a pal to get through an obstacle. He melts in water though.

Luigi’s Mansion will release at some point this year though no date has been announced just yet.

A trailer followed for a game based on the Dark Crystal – a movie I have always been meaning to watch. It is a tactical RPG and it seems like it will tie-in with the Netflix series that comes out on August 30th. No date for the game as of yet.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

One of the first games I ever played was Link’s Awakening on the Game Boy and I gotta say I am 100% on board with this remake. The art style alone is super adorable and I want Future Stu to find a picture of Link’s little face when he catches a fish please. Thank you. (Future Stu: got you covered)

Link’s Awakening is an interesting game in the Zelda series and it looks like the remake will be a fairly faithful reconstruction of the game, but with a nice lick of paint and some modern controls. It looks like a delight and I am really looking forward to revisiting this game after so many years.

They also showed off a mode within the game map where you go into a house and you can create your own dungeon by placing collectable chambers onto a map. This is a cool idea and completing a dungeon playthrough does allow you to reap the rewards.

It comes out September 20th of this year, so only three months to go. It is a definite purchase for me.

Collection of Mana

Speaking of blasts from the past, the next trailer was for the Mana series. Specifically, Trials of Mana is getting a global release on the Switch with fully updated graphics similar to the Secret of Mana remake from last year (though this one looks a little better). This will be the first time Seiken Densetsu 3 will be available in English and as someone who adores Secret of Mana this is definitely one for the wishlist.

Well, actually, it will be the SECOND time Seiken Densetsu 3 is released in the West because available today is the Collection of Mana compilation that features the three Seiken Densetsu games – or as they are known in the West, Final Fantasy Adventure, Secret of Mana and Trials of Mana. This features the original versions of these games and it is £35 which might be a little steep for some but it is still tempting for me. ADD IT TO THE LIST!

The rumours are true, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is coming to the Nintendo Switch in it’s complete form. Hopefully they manage to port it seamlessly because a game of that scope that I can play on the bus to work is a mouth watering prospect. Should be out this year as well.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem is a series that just keeps flying by me but every time there is a new one I decide “nah, THIS will be the one” and then I forget to buy it. The story is that students from a military academy agree to meet up five years in the future however when they do they are all a part of warring houses and are forced to fight each other. It looks anime as heck which is not unexpected for this series.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses comes out July 26th. So real soon.

They show a silly trailer for Resident Evil on the Switch where a couple go to a spooky mansion to play a game about being in a spooky mansion and then they get spooked by the spooky mansion in the game and spooked by the spooky mansion in the real world. Also Resident Evils 5 and 6 are coming to the Switch real soon. Not the most beloved of the series but hopefully this means they might stick 7 and/or the remake of 2 on the Switch too? I’d like that.


YES YES YES YES YES YES YES. I loved the first two No More Heroes games. I haven’t tried Travis Strikes Back but now I have less incentive too – No More Heroes III is coming to the Switch and it looks like Travis Touchdown has not missed a step. It showed off just a little of what could be gameplay and it looks like a sleeker version of the traditional NMH combat – swinging a light sword and occasionally German Suplexing bad guys on their necks. Yes, this game was made for me. 2020 is starting to look pretty damn good.

This was followed up by a strange looking Contra game where there’s four players and one of them is a cyborg panda? A woman with an alien for a stomach? A dancing bug soldier? I never played a Contra game so I don’t know if this is weird or completely normal for this series. But hey, Konami actually doing a new thing with one of its franchises is news worthy. Contra: Rogue Corps will come out in September of this year. Also announced that the Contra Collection is out RIGHT NOW (it’s £15.99 on the Switch)

DaemonXMachina is next and will be out September 13th. This was followed by a new Panzer Dragoon game out in Winter which could be exciting. And there was a small tidbit of Pokémon information with the introduction of a new gym leader – the Water user Nessa.

We get a new trailer for the upcoming Platinum Games title Astral Chain where you have to save the human race from an extradimensional attack. It looks like a solid Platinum game and is coming out August 30th.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

They show off more Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 footage with a lot of heroes, villains and locations being thrust into our eyeballs. The art style is very true to the comics while still being 3D and there seems to be a lot of well known baddies to beat up with a lot of well known goodies.

I spied MODOK, Doc Ock and of course Thanos is the main threat in this game with his Infinity Gauntlet and it will be up to you to kick his ass on July 19th.

However they also took the time to announce what we can expect from the DLC characters which will be split into three packs – an X-Men pack to add more heroic mutants into the frey, Marvel Knights which was Daredevil’s group based on what I could gather and a Fantastic Four pack. They will start coming out in the Fall.

There was a trailer for the upcoming Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Games which will be the fourth of these games based on the Summer Olympics. I love the Olympics. I love Mario and Sonic. I have never had the desire to see them together but it could be a fun time for someone out there.

Animal Crossing

HERE WE, HERE WE FREAKIN’ GO. At long last we finally see some Animal Crossing on the Switch. In this one you land on a deserted island where you are once again conned by Tom Nook into giving him bells. Ah, I can’t stay too mad at him though because Animal Crossing is just such a nice chilled game. You start off alone on a deserted island and you can gather materials and borrow Tom Nook’s workbench to craft some new furniture and tools to help turn this deserted island into your paradise.

It looks as delightful and vibrant as ever and we now have a title Animal Crossing: New Horizons. and it will come out THIS YE…20th of March 2020. Yes, it’s been delayed but it is not a super long delay and I am happy with developers getting time to make sure the game is nice and polished before release. Although it IS coming out on Final Fantasy VII month. I’m sure I can make playing both at the same time work. I can’t wait, Animal Crossing is one of my guaranteed relaxing games.


It’s time for Nintendo’s patented “ALSO THESE GAMES ARE COMING OUT TOO” montage. I’ll post the video and talk a little bit about the ones that caught my eye.

  • Spyro the Dragon, September 3rd – Yeah I have been waiting for this to come out. Like Crash, this is a perfect game for the Switch where you can sit back and play it on the TV or play a level at a time wherever you want. A good match for the Switch
  • Hollow Knight Silksong, Coming Soon, I am terrible at the first Hollow Knight. Like, legitimately stinky at the game.
  • Ni No Kuni Remastered, September 20th – I enjoyed my time with Ni No Kuni without every truly falling in love with the game but a big sprawling JRPG where you can raise monsters to fight alongside you? There is something about that premise that screams Nintendo Switch. It is a gorgeous game as well with it being partially designed by Studio Ghibli.
  • Alien Isolation, 2019 – This came out of nowhere for me but it is a welcome addition. Not played it myself but it has a really cool premise and it seems to have been executed really well.
  • Catan, June 20th – the board game is coming to Switch. I feel like the Switch is a really good console to put board game adaptations for due to its portable nature. Never played Catan before, could be a good excuse.
  • Super Mario Maker 2, June 28th – this is a potential GOTY for me. I love Super Mario Maker and I cannot wait to get back into making Marios!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC 3

I’m just going to leave the video here

THEY ACTUALLY WENT AND DID IT THOSE GLORIOUS BASTARDS, BANJO-KAZOOIE ARE IN SMASH BROTHERS and this is fantastic. Banjo and Kazooie back where they belong in annuls of Nintendo and I hope this is the beginning of some more collaboration between Rare/Microsoft and Nintendo because it would be fantastic if they could bring the Banjo games to the Switch.

They look like they will be a Brawler type and poor Kazooie at times is used as both a gun shooting projectiles and a battering tool. They look like a lot of fun already but we will likely have more information as we get closer to their release in the Fall.

And for the grand finale…

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel

So we are getting a sequel to one of the most wonderful games of modern times. It looks like it will be to BotW what Majora’s Mask was to Ocarina of Time – same world, but a lot more scary stuff. Not much else was shown but it is a new Zelda game, the hype creates itself.

Nintendo really packed a lot in 45 minutes and there was enough cool surprises there to really get Switch owners excited. The Switch has been fantastic for Nintendo and I’m glad they seem to be back on track making really good games, being the place where franchises can come back to life and THEY BROUGHT BANJO-KAZOOIE INTO SMASH BROS. It is exciting to see where Nintendo go from here.

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