So, you may be asking yourself “What guns should I use to mow down my opposition now that Season 2 of Apex is out and everything is changing?” and I have some answers for you. Take a look at the loadouts you can use to decimate all and be a reigning champion in Kings Canyon!

Personally, I think the most powerful weapon in the game right now is actually the Alternator so long as you can grab yourself the new Disruptor Rounds Hop-Up and a couple of attachments to boot. The Disruptor rounds mean the gun does added damage to shields and the relatively low fire rate means you can keep stuck to a target with ease. This gun alone can down someone with a Level 1 Extended mag onwards and the more bullets you have in your gun, the more people you can thrash. I try and grab this gun every game at the moment as late game the ability to poke shields down in smaller circles is insane, just be sure you have enough shield cells and batteries on you in case someone else had the same plan as you.

Another strange addition to the list, a strong second weapon to take with the Alternator is the Mozambique with the Hammerpoint Round Hop-Up. Admittedly, you do have to find this hop-up for the weapon to be viable but fear not, it’s actually one of the most common hop-ups in the game! This addition to the Mozambique, and the P2020, gives the gun added damage against unshielded enemies. You see where I’m going here? Destroy their Level 3 shields with the Alternator then kill them with the ‘bique! This hop-up means that two shots to the body will effectively down anybody without a shield so at the start of the game grabbing this old meme of a gun (with the hop up if you’re lucky) can mean an easy stream of kills!

“But Blake!” I hear you yell, “What if I can’t find these hop-ups? What if another teammate has grabbed them! What do?!”

Fret not, here’s some more weapony goodness for you to slap around your foes with!

The Peacekeeper is a staple weapon because it’s incredibly strong with just one well placed shot. You can’t go wrong with a shotgun like this and if you can’t find your hop-ups for the Mozambique, the Peacekeeper will punish anyone who comes too close just fine. This gun works well with the Devotion LMG with Turbocharger as the new energy mags can make that gun ridiculous, but reloading can be time consuming where one well placed buckshot can finish what Old Painless started.

Just landed? Not a lot of attachments around and enemies approaching? Try the Hemlock or the R-301, both have the ability to be swapped to a single fire which can be great for hitting someone at longer range accurately, then a swap back to either Burst or Full-Auto respectively can help thwart a push into your position from the team you have annoyed with your bullets. Both guns become very strong with a stock and barrel mod but in a pinch can be more reliable than a Most other weapons in their ammo class early on due to their middle ground stats in accuracy, kickback and damage.

That said, if you do get some attachments, the Wingman/R-99 combo is also very strong. Grab a now legendary rarity Skullpiercer and some stabilising attachments for the R-99 and you become a powerhouse at most ranges. Destroying enemy armour with a couple of well placed headshots then rushing in to hose down your victims with the R-99 is something that’s just so satisfying. Be aware though that if the opposing teams are smart, they can choose to disengage or try to catch you as you close in, and if you’re holding the R-99 while you come in, they can smash you before you get close. Choose your fights wisely!

All that said, there’s no definite BEST WEAPONS in Apex, it’s all situational and sometimes grabbing a Longbow and an EVA-8 can be just as effective as having a full-auto Prowler and Spitfire.

You may notice as well, that I left weapons like the L-Star, Mastiff and the other legendary weapons out as I feel like you’re not as likely to get them every game as they are obviously rarer. Feel free to try them out, mind you, the Mastiff may only have 4 shots per mag but the destructive power it owns in close range is unmatched. The new L-STAR hasn’t spent much time in my hands but I’ve been destroyed by it more than once, so if it’s available, give it a shot and see how it feels. Cater your loadout to your champion and your playstyle, don’t just go by what someone says is the most OP build, that’s the magic of the game, everyone can with with any weapon.

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