Sometimes life is difficult. Sometimes letting the people who care about the most know about your issues is too difficult to fathom. Sometimes being okay feels like it is miles away. Sometimes you just want to shout what’s on your mind into a dark void. Sometimes, all we need is some kind words.

And a kind mail deer to deliver them for us.

So this game may just be a little bit special. There is no story to this game, or at least no pre-written story by the developed designed to take you on an adventure of epic proportions. Instead there are thousands of little stories, each written by real people with real problems. Some people might be having a difficult time with friends, others might be feeling down, some want advice and some just want someone – anyone – to listen. That is what Kind Words is all about – reading people’s problems, letting them know that they are not alone and that someone out there is listening.

You can write down your own issues and send it off. You don’t know who will see it, or how many people, but you’ve put it out there. Some people might even reply with advice or just some encouraging words. I put a note out there and I got a reply. It was someone giving me advice with how to deal with my issue and it helped to know that somebody took a little bit of time out of their day to write back to me. Sometimes, a little kindness from a stranger can go a long way.

This is our room. Paper airplanes contains little notes people have sent to the world.

It is completely anonymous and you are warned multiple times not to give out any identifying details about yourself. In addition the game takes a hardline stance against anything that might go against the very ideals of Kind Words – so trolls and foul-mouthed jerks are a no-go and will likely be reported and deleted swiftly. This is a nice game about strangers helping each other, for no other reason than because theoretically everyone in the game has been in the same boat at some point. Everyone has needed what Kind Words offers at least once in their life, a safe space to write down your problems and to help others with theirs.

As the subtitle of the game suggests, the soundtrack features tracks that would not be out of place in those YouTube lo fi hip hop beats to study to videos and honestly, it fits the vibe great. The music is chill and calming, just the required vibe you might need before writing anonymous letters of support.

To review this game would be to do it a disservice – there isn’t a whole lot to delve into as a “game”, but as an experience or even a service? This game is more than worth the £3.99 it cost on Steam and I would heartily recommend it to anyone who might be struggling to put their issues into words. Sometimes just reading and identifying with other people’s issues may also be a helpful thing for your mind.

I really hope this gets the right kind of attention and that it can be a positive source for people’s mental health. There are links to mental health resources within the game itself so if people need professional advice it is there as well. I can feel that this game might be something quite special and I truly hope it can help people get through life a little easier.

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