They say that when you play the Games, you live or you die. Frankly, I think it’s a bit over the top that they added the feature to actually die IRL if you can’t finish Dark Souls 4 with a blindfold on but I guess someone’s gotta do it… While someone else toils away at that, I’m going to run down the games I most enjoyed in the last year! LET’S GO!

The coveted “Yes, it was certainly a game” award, which will not be given out tonight.

Best Game I Played a Lot Then Kinda Stopped But I Still Enjoy It

This award is for the game that even though I sunk a lot of time into, the amount of time played diminished over time but through no fault of the game.

Image result for apex legends


Apex is still an extremely fun game to play, I thoroughly enjoy it still but I haven’t actually played it in a good couple of months at least. With other games coming out and work ramping up in preparation for the holidays, I found myself playing less of the 3-man squad BR. It’s not the same playing it alone and not enough friends were one of the other reasons I kinda fell off the Apex Train. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s still a masterclass in Battle Royales.

Stockholm Syndrome Award For Best Can’t Stop Playing Despite How Angry I Got

There’s a lot to unpack from that title, but the winner will surprise nobody:

Image result for call of duty modern warfare


Do note: I added MULTIPLAYER into the winners name for a good reason. The single player campaign for this game is incredible and I got the platinum with difficulty but it was still a very enjoyable experience…

The Multiplayer though… Good lord. I can’t stop playing it, mostly because a lot of friends play it and it’s always nice to hang out and play custom games but the general multiplayer is so annoying. Mostly it comes down to people camping in aggravating places and my stubborn inability to just go a different way but there’s also one gleaming issue with a fair number of the smaller maps in this game that have been plaguing COD for a long time: the spawns. Too often you can find yourself spawning in front of an enemy who is already aiming at you and you have very little time to react before you’ve been gunned down again. It can get really tiresome. Not to mention the slight time difference between consoles, where myself and friends have watched a killcam have someone die before the killers gun actually fires, leading to an unfair disadvantage.

Overall though, I know I’ll keep playing this game until something else comes along. I’m a sucker for the punishment.

Best Game I Wish Was More.

There were a few contenders for this. This award is for a game I felt ended too soon and could have done with a little more depth, but overall was a fantastic experience.

Image result for river city girls


This game was AMAZING. The soundtrack was top notch, the dialogue was funny, the combat was smooth, the bosses were unique and memorable and grinding the platinum was genuinely fun!

I just wish there was more. I would love some DLC for the game, maybe a new story or a sequel? I had so much fun, but I feel like I didn’t get enough.

Best Game In A Series That I Used To Play On Console But Now I’m Playing It On PC

Ironically, with the Halo games coming to PC, if I’d had the money spare to buy it, there might have been a different winner for this game but alas, our winner is not Halo! But, a close friend of Halo it is…

Image result for gears 5


Dropping the “of War” from the title threw me off slightly, despite only ever referring to the series as “Gears”, I will admit.

Gears 5 was a very typical multiplayer experience from Gears but that’s not what made it memorable. The Co-Op horde mode was a lot of fun with friends but what I really truly loved was the campaign. The Gears 5 campaign had a great mix of comedy, horror, drama and action. The fact that sometimes you had to make some really heart-wrenching choices and stick to them was among some of the saddest moments in gaming I had this year. No spoilers but a certain death in this game and the resulting reaction from the characters brought me to very real tears in real life, and one harshly worded Discord message to my friend, who knew what was coming and did not give me warning.

I wish I could delete the memory of the Gears 5 campaign from my mind, just to whirl through it once more. It was really fun.

The Most Pants Crapped During A Video Game Award

Sometimes it’s nice to just play a game and have all your clothing remain stain-free throughout, this award cares not for such events and will only be given to those select few games that leave your undergarments more soiled than a gardeners knees.

Image result for resident evil 2


I can’t fault RE2 in the slightest. I loved every waking moment of it. There’s been so much said about it that I feel like doing a run-down of the story would be silly. I will say that the reveal of Mr. X while now a meme and very widely known was, at the time, a truly horrifying experience, since he was missing from the original RE2 his presence made this game a lot more intimidating. He, aside from the player, is the only constant of the game. While most enemies despawn (if they’re still alive) when the player moves away from them, Mr. X will walk around no matter how much distance you put between you and him. He makes even the simplest journeys a lot more scary because he just can’t be stopped.

Truly, RE2 was one of the best games this year.

Best I’ve Played Every Game In The Series and I Still Don’t Know Exactly What Is Going On of the Year

You might be thinking to yourself “Hey, this seems familiar…” and you’d be right! I’m also giving this award out! Kingdom Hearts 3 was a fantastic game in my opinion, I waiting 14 years for the answers that KH2 left me and honestly I don’t know if I got them? I don’t think anybody really knows what’s going on but at least we got some closure on some things! I’d wait another 14 years just to watch Sora fumble around his feelings for Kairi though, I’m in love with this series.

Best Yes, It Certainly Was A Game


In all seriouslyness though, this award is for the game that I most didn’t hate but wasn’t blown away by but still had fun with. You’ve already seen the picture below, you know who won it.

Image result for wolfenstein youngblood


I haven’t actually finished Wolfenstein: Youngblood yet, I’ll admit. I did find it to be enjoyable when I played it and the buddy-pass system where a friend can play with you even if they don’t own the game was a neat wee thing, but I just felt it was a bit… long. It took a lot of back and forth to get missions done and they all devolved into “Go into this place and kill everyone, then press a button” but without enough variation in the people you kill and the buttons you press to make you forget it. I will go back eventually and finish it off, maybe I’ll even grind out the platinum. The reason this didn’t win the “I wanted more” award is because I haven’t actually finished it and I don’t know if the changes I want from it are going to come later in the story.

Best Game That’s Not Actually Out Yet

This award goes to a game that’s not fully released, but they let you play it for a wee bit and it will come out soon.

Related image


I love League of Legends, I love card games. I love the League of Legends Card Game. It has a fair number of unique qualities, there was plenty of PvE content for when you just wanna chill and the soundtrack, art and animation were brilliant. I can’t fault the game at all and I’m really excited for it to have a Beta release so I can stream it more!

Best Month For Games That Are Released In 2020 But Were Announced In 2019 Making Them Qualify For This Award Ceremony!

I’m making my own loophole that these games were brought to light in 2019 and that’s why this award exists, there is one month next year that is going to decimate my bank account for 3 reasons:

Image result for April tmnt

APRIL, 2020

(that could also function as a fantastic Presidential Candidate too, I’d vote for April O’Neil)

In April 2020 there are three huge games I’m tremendously excited for:

Resident Evil 3 – RE3 is my favourite of the series and I feel like the 2020 remake will be terrifying. Count me in!

Cyberpunk 2077 – I mean come on, how can you not be looking forward to this?

Predator: Hunting Grounds – Predator is my favourite film of all time, bar none. The prospect of getting a Dead by Daylight styles 4v1 survival game featuring the Predator is all I needed to be convinced to throw my money.


And now, the award for BEST. What was the BEST in 2019?

The winner is….






Gaming wins 2019.


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