GOOD EVENING FOLKS and welcome to The Stu Awards 2019! Two thousand and nineteen was a year of two halves for me. The first half of the year felt like it lasted five years and the second half felt like it lasted 2 and a half weeks. I moved cities, changed jobs, helped set up this website here and I felt like I grew as a person. Which is why I ended up missing out on quite a few great games this year but I still had time to play a lot of really good games, some of which not nearly as much as I would have liked but still special all the same. So, since ’tis the season and all, I present The Stu Awards – giving special awards to the best games that I played in 2019.

FIRST – It’s the Games I Did Not Play But Want To At Some Point Award! This prestigious award goes to the games that I sadly did not get around to playing this year, some was due to timing, some was due to a lack of interest when it came out and a couple just passed me by for whatever reason. So the list of games that could have been on the top ten but are not ARE:

  • Resident Evil 2 – I’ve watched our very own Blake stream this a few times and everything about this game looks excellent. It’s my own lack of knowledge of the series that has stopped me picking this one up but I have started up the Resi 1 remake recently with a view to play this one very soon.
  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – I always think that this year will be the year I get into Souls games and then I remember I suck. Looks really good though.
  • Control – I love Remedy and I was super psyched to pick this up. Then it came out while I was moving flats and then I forgot about it. A lot of GOTY awards has re-piqued my interest and as soon as I can I will be picking this one up.
  • Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Never played the other two, but I’m always in the need of a nice light hearted game, even one with spooky overtones like this.
  • The Outer Wilds – The premise really appeals to me and I’ve avoided hearing anything else about this game to keep the surprise for myself.
  • Disco Elysium – This is a game that is right up my valley, it’s only issue is that it is on the PC which I rarely play games on anymore. Yup, it’s confirmed – I am console trash.
  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – I literally bought this two days ago.
  • Pathologic 2 – I don’t want to play this game but I really want to play this game.


Best Minecraft of the Year

This award goes to the best Minecraft of the year – is the game Minecraft? If yes, it is eligible for this award. And the winner is…


This utterly charming block building/crafting RPG is one of my personal GOTYs and it caught me by surprise since I have never quite got into Dragon Quest as a series. Good writing, fun characters and some good mining and crafting makes Dragon Quest Builders 2 the Best Minecraft of the Year.

Best Detective Game Set in Japan of the Year

A lot of competition for this one but in the end it is a worthy winner because it is…


I’ve slowly been getting into the Yakuza series and Judgment is a spin-off worthy of your attention. Instead of being a Yakuza though, you play Magami, a lawyer-cum-private investigator who’s life is intertwined with the Yakuza’s as he investigates the deaths of various Yakuza in the city. You stop at nothing to try to find the killer, except for when you stop to play drone racing, Puyo-Puyo and try to eat everything at every restaurant. It is a fully fledged Yakuza game with a twist and it is one of the best games of 2019.

Best Switch Game of the Year Despite People Crapping On It Pre-Release Screw You It Was Excellent of the Year.

The BSGotYDPCOIP-RSYIWEotY is the award every game secretly wants to win, even the ones that are not on the Switch and thus cannot win it. Yet there could only be one winner of this prestigious award and that game is…

POKÉMON SWORD (and Shield too, I guess…)

Seriously loved my time with Sword, I thought streamlining certain elements of the game works in its favour and yeah it is a bummer that so many Pokémon are not featured but it made for a much tighter debut for the series on the Switch. I fully expect the next one to be a lot more ambitious and huge but this felt like a fresh start for Pokémon and the setting was charming as was a lot of the new Pokémon and that’s why it wins the BSGotYetc award!

Best FFS Just Make the Gosh Darn Levels Yourself of the Year

Some games feature tightly made levels from developers who spend months crafting devious puzzles, or fantastical levels or etc. Some games elect to give those tools to us, the players, who use them to show how much WE ALL HATE EACH OTHER AND YOU SHOULD DIE, PREFERABLY IN LAVA, 1000 TIMES, MUAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH


It’s great but it hasn’t lit the world on fire for as long as the original did – where it had the luxury of being a diamond on a failing console. It’s no longer the big fish now it’s flopped it’s way to the Sea of Switch but it is still an excellent experience, with the creation of levels perfect for the handheld touch screen (a stylus is a good investment for this) while playing the levels on the big screen with a controller is great. I’m rubbish at Mario games (I’m a Sonic kid) but some people’s creativity astounds me. Plus I much prefer watching other people suffer in the more difficult levels than I do actually playing them, which might be a negative in some ways but Super Mario Maker 2 is great and you should buy it and take out your rage against the world.

The Fallout Memorial Award for Best Open World RPG Game of the Year

2018 marked a dark time in our history with the release of Fallout 76, a travesty of a game more so for it’s botched launch than it’s actual quality though the game itself was never gonna set anyone’s world on fire. In fact it was more likely to set YOU on fire and then send you a snarky email about how they were not going to extinguish you. 2019 should have seen it rise from the ashes like a beautiful phoenix, but instead it’s been a constant year of terrible decisions and the game seems destined to be remembered for just being a terrible idea all the way. If only we got a good Fallout game this year…


Is the best Fallout game since New Vegas and it was made by Obsidian who know a thing or two about making a good Fallout game because they made New Vegas. The Outer Worlds may not have the scope of a Fallout but in a world where most AAA games want you to spend 3000 hours with it that’s not a negative part. The world’s are colourful, creative and the writing is sublime. In a universe where corporations rule the planets, which leads to some rather dark and sinister missions yet everything just has enough light-hearted charm that it never feels like a depressing game. At this point so many people have talked about Parvati as well but she might just be one of the most interesting companions a game like this has ever put out there and I feel myself rooting for her all the way. So well done to Parvati for being the best Fallout game of 2019.

Best I’ve Played Every Game In The Series and I Still Don’t Know Exactly What Is Going On of the Year

It’s KINGDOM HEARTS III. No suspense here, you saw the title of the award and you knew it was going to be Kingdom Hearts III. And why not, it is a good game – albeit one I would slap out of the hands of anyone who has never played a KH game before. It’s not a perfect game and there are a few issues I have with it. Plus I expected closure but now I gotta buy a DLC to MAYBE get closure? Boo, Square-Enix, boooo.

I will buy that DLC first day and plough through it because I love this series too much and also I want to see my Final Fantasy buddies again. So yeah, Kingdom Hearts III is a game that came out this year that I enjoyed but left with more questions than answers and I hope REmind answers them or else I might actually cry.

Best Remake of the Best Kart Racing Game of the Year

I love Mario Kart, and I genuinely believe Mario Kart 8 is one of the best racing games of all time but there’s one other racing game I always go back to despite being twenty years old and that’s Crash Team Racing. This year it was remade excellently and thus this award goes to…

GARFIELD KART RAC- oh wait wrong envelope one second guys, I’m so sorry, this is embarrassing. Ah, there we go…


It was exactly what I wanted from a remake and I feel like they’ve added enough to make it worth it on top of it all. It wasn’t a full-priced release but they did add microtransactions a few weeks after release which was a little odd but beyond that this is a very good multiplayer game. Get a few mates around and this game will become the reason you have a concussion because of that one friend you’ve got who takes things too seriously. You know the one. Stop inviting that guy.

Best Face When Catching a Fishie In a Game of the Year

If you want to know if a game is good you judge it by it’s fishing minigame. If it doesn’t have a fishing minigame, the game is worthless and trash. This game not only had a fishing minigame but it delivered THE cutest face after catching a fish in video games in 2019.

I have saved and screenshotted the face in question which clearly show that only one game can win.


Aw look at that face who can say no to that little face of his! Luckily the rest of the game is really good – Link’s Awakening has always been a well loved classic but it’s now easier to convince people to give it a go now that it has this lovely lick of paint. If you want to play a good ol’ classic Zelda game, Link’s Awakening is there for you.

Best Aw, Lovely Game of the Year

Sometimes while you’re killing your 10,000th victim of the day, about to throw your 78th frag grenade that will not kill anyone because your aim sucks and why are you even throwing grenades this is hide and seek and you’re on a playground, yes you deserve to be expelled you killed 10,000 people and none of them with a grenade.

Sometimes you need to take a break from that and this game encapsulates the exact opposite of whatever that episode was. So the winner of the Aw, Lovely GOTY award goes to…


This game is just pure chill and loveliness in one package, just like me. It is a game where you are encourage to write nice letters to people who have written down their real issues. It’s not a game about solving other people’s problems but letting them know that you’ve listened. It is a game that trolls would probably try to ruin but somehow they have managed to take down a lot of the trolling before it becomes a problem. Kind Words therefore is just one of the nicest experiences I’ve had in a video game in a very long time and it fully deserves this definitely real award.

The final award would normally be the overall Game of the Year award and thus be the award everyone wants to win. Except this isn’t a real awards show and my game of the year is Tetris 99 because of THIS reason.

So yeah, the final award is not the overall GOTY but it is a much desired award nonetheless, one that can be won by a huge number of different games. So without further adieu, the final award of the evening…

Best Exercise Game of the Year

There’s some very tough competition for this one but after recounting the votes twice we can confirm that the winner of the Best Exercise Game of the Year IS…..








This game is fantastic at getting me, someone who needs exercise, and getting me wanting to do more exercise. It is the best example of gamifying working out I’ve ever seen and it genuinely is rewarding. I’m planning to do a lot more with this game in the new year but mark my words I will get ring fit and I will go on an adventure and I will probably name this exercise game of the year 2020 because it is genuinely a fantastic way of getting people off the couch and moving about in the comfort of their own homes.


There we have it folks, ten awards to ten very worthy winners. Of course, we will soon have The Blake Awards to look forward to but why not tell us some of your Games of the Year in the meantime, we’d love to hear it and who knows, it might just remind me that I missed more games then I realised and I will be sad. Until next year folks, remember that the real Stu Awards are the friends you’ve made along the way, especially if that friend is called Stu and he has awards for you. Goodnight.

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