What’s the best part about a new Smash Bros character coming out? It’s not actually playing as this new well designed super fun character, no no no. It’s the reveal trailer! A new character is about to be announced, there’s a little preamble – sometimes they’ll play with our emotions a little and then BANG there they are, the new character! Sometimes it doesn’t quite pay off – today’s reactions to a new Fire Emblem character being added to the roster has been…not kind? Then there are some that make us go literally apes**t.

So here I am, a humble dude with OPINIONS on Smash characters but since the new Marth isn’t out for a couple of weeks it’s only fair that I judge them based entirely on what I thought when they were announced. I don’t care if they are fun to play as, I only care if it triggered a chemical reaction in my brain and that makes my brain think “yes, I am happy”. SO HERE WE GOOOOOOO

#6) Byleth

It’s a common meme at this point that there are just too many damn Fire Emblem characters and to have one being added as DLC just feels like a disappointment more than anything. Byleth is like the sixth or seventh Marth added to the series but at least you can choose between male Marth or female Marth and with the different weapons this Marth wields it might feel almost like a unique Marth. Sadly, I am disappointed with this one, but not as disappointed as I am about the Australian Government’s efforts to tackle the horrific fires that have ravaged the country which you can help the brave people tackling these fires by donating here.

#5) Hero

I’m not a Dragon Quest guy and although I did end up loving Dragon Quest Builders 2, I have not got around to playing any of the mainline DQ games. Not even XI. Sorry, Hero but you’re just not my hero, unlike the brave firefighters tackling the bushfires in Australia and you can be a Hero too by clicking this link and finding more options on how to donate to the firefighting fund.

#4) Terry Bogard

Not a huge King of Fighters guy – and by that I mean I have never played it – but Terry being in Smash was a big deal. For the first time ever we have a video game in Smash Brothers which will allow us to pit Capcom vs SNK and I never thought I’d ever see the day. What a beautiful moment for those people who have always wanted to pit Terry vs Ryu but just never could. Just like it would be a beautiful moment if we can do what we can to help put a stop to the fires in Australia. This link leads to a bunch of Google results so you can do some research and maybe find a good source to donate funds to.

#3) Piranha Plant

It’s the Piranha Plant from Mario, but you can play as him. What’s not to love? Fires. That’s not to love.

#2) Joker

Persona 5 is a fine game and honestly it was a nice surprise when Joker was announced as the first DLC character in the fighter pack. Persona predominately being on Sony consoles – albeit not a first party Sony franchise – meant it was a genuinely a good pick for a game like Smash. I hope the second Fighter Pass will bring all gamers of all console-loyalties together. Put Parappa the Rapper in Smash. Put Master Chef in Smash. Put Gordon Ramsay IN SMASH. Most importantly, considering putting some money to the Australian bushfire relief fund, thank you.

#1) Banjo-Kazooie

So many poor defenseless animals have perished in these fires leading already endangered animals to fall closer to extinction. I don’t want to see that happen anymore. Smash is good, helping Australia is even better.

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