Sonic the Hedgehog is the single earliest memory I have of playing a video game and I’ve always carried a fondness for the Blue Blur. Despite some iffy games in the last few (17) years I still carry a hope that the next Sonic game will spark his comeback. I usually end up disappointed. So when a Sonic the Hedgehog movie was announced I was more confused as to why it exists rather than excited or upset. Then that trailer dropped and it terrified me to the point I haven’t stepped outside for seven months somebody tell my mother that I’m fine but if I step out of this room IT WILL EAT ME.


The outcry was enough to make the studio delay the movie to “fix” how Sonic looked and the second trailer wasn’t as bad. Hooray, the day has been saved. Maybe I could finally leave this room knowing that IT WILL NOT EAT ME. So I ventured out and I headed to my nearest cinema to watch this potential disaster. Or maybe it’s a potential masterpiece? It could only be one or the other!


The movie is fine. It’s fine. Not amazing but not bad at all. It’s fine. Which already puts it in the top echelon of video game movies. It’s the type of film I reckon your kids or little sibling would like and there’s enough Sonic goodies to appease someone like me who likes to point to the screen and scream “HEY, I RECOGNISE THAT, WHAT A GOOD EASTER EGG” which is why I get kicked out of cinemas quite a lot.

Sonic the Hedgehog tells the tale of Sonic the Hedgehog, a hedgehog with the power to be really fast. He is attacked on his home world so his guardian gives him magic rings which allows him to travel to different worlds. He eventually ends up on Earth where he has taken a liking to a small town in Montana called Green Hills (HA) and their local sheriff Tom (James Marsden). However, Sonic stays out of sight despite crippling loneliness (same though), and during one outburst runs so fast in a circle he causes a giant electrical wave to knock out power over the entire Northwest of America.

The U.S. military decide there is only one man for the job. Enter Dr. Robotnik – genius robotics expert and also Jim Carrey. Sonic, whilst hiding from Robotnik, breaks into Tom’s garage to use one of his rings which startles the small town sheriff but they quickly become good buds as Tom reluctantly helps Sonic in his quest and to evade Robotnik.

This is a kids film for the most part and at the end of the day I really do think it’s a decent film for kids. Sonic is a little too obnoxious which fits the character well but it can get a little annoying at times but I’m sure kids might find this funnier and more charming. James Marsden actually does a pretty good job playing the straight guy to Sonic’s antics and is the source of some good dry humour. Jim Carrey goes all out here to be the wacky Carrey of old and it works for an insane maniacal villain. Though he’s not just overacting, he is so overacting that he has gone so far and ended up on the other side and is now under acting. He seems to be having fun with it.

So there is a scene where Sonic the Hedgehog flosses and people in the cinema started applauding and I was very confused. Then again this is a kids’ movie, I guess The Kidz love flossing still? Sonic has its charms and I definitely think I enjoyed the movie more than I was expecting to. I genuinely think this would be a big hit amongst a younger audience but they do try to cater to us cynical adults. Also, there is a second scene where Sonic the Hedgehog flosses and people in the cinema started applauding again and I was again very confused.

I could sit here and complain about a fairly predictable plot but it’s a Sonic the Hedgehog movie. I could sit here and complain that the script could have been funnier but it’s a Sonic the Hedgehog movie. I could sit here and complain about how I wanted a Tango Ice Blast but forgot that this cinema doesn’t do Tango Ice Blasts anymore but that’s legit I really would like a Tango Ice Blast. Please?

Blue Raspberry flavoured, preferably a mix though.

Overall I am a 27-year old man and this film wasn’t made for me but also I am giant child so this film was made specifically for me. It almost feels like a throwback to a 90s style family friendly film, probably starring Steve Guttenberg. It won’t blow anyone away with its quality but it’s a miracle that this film is as watchable as it is and I have to give respect to that. Also I have seen a few films on opening day but there is something at the end that made most of the screen HYPE AS HECK, cheering and applauding. Not gonna lie, I was hype as heck but I’m too socially awkward to cheer and applaud in a cinema. People in the screening seemed to enjoy it. It’s fine. Sonic the Hedgehog is fine.

FINAL SCORE – XTA Logo/ScoreXTA Logo/ScoreXTA Logo/Score

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