Last summer I reviewed a game called Depixtion (which you can read by clicking here) not long after it was released on Steam. I rather liked it and with an upcoming Switch release, the developers DevHour Games kindly gave us a review copy of it to check out. Myself and Blake recorded a video of us playing the game which I will link here as well when it goes live. However I thought it’d also make a little sense if I wrote a little companion piece to the original review talking specifically about the Switch version.

To summarise, Depixtion is a game based on picross but for each puzzle you’re solving three separate puzzles that create a red, yellow and blue layer. You use the numbers on the side and on the top to figure out where to place your squares which can either be light or dark shaded. The layers when combined make a nice little pixel drawing. It was originally released on Steam in June 2019.

So, the Switch version. First of all, this is the kind of game works really well with the Switch – the ability to take it anywhere means you can play a puzzle or two on the bus to work, or on a long road trip or during a boring date. Or you can sit back on your favourite chair, put your feet up and relax a little as you create little works of art using maths. It works really well on the Switch as well, using the face buttons to lay down the squares I needed took me a minute or two to grapple with but luckily the earlier levels are designed to be tutorials so it really eases you into things.

It won’t take up a lot of space on your console either so even if you do not have an SD Card, this is the kind of game you can install without worries. The game offers 96 levels as standard (with 48 more with the Halloween DLC) – with each level comprising of three puzzles this calculates to a lot of game for your bucks! It will cost $7.99 on launch which isn’t too bad at all.

The one thing I kinda wish was on the Switch version is touch screen controls on handheld mode. I am not a developer so I do not know how difficult that would be to add in or even if it is worth it for them but it is something I think would work well, especially now there have been a couple of big Switch games that have brought the ol’ trusty stylus back into the Nintendo fold.

However that is a small thing in the grand scheme of things, this is still a good game and there has not been a drop in quality bringing Depixtion to the Switch. If you are a fan of picross then definitely think about giving this game a whirl. Heck, if you’ve never played a picross game then this game is a great place to start with its chill vibes, a perfect difficulty curve and that wonderful feeling of satisfaction when you colour in that last square, completing the puzzle in a blaze of glory and you check the time and think to yourself “hmm, maybe I have time for one more?”. You enjoy those five one more puzzles.

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