Call of Duty’s new battle royale mode Warzone has dropped and brought with it a whole new bunch of mechanics that set it apart from its competition, but how do you get ahead and get yourself some victories? Let me give you a hand!

For a start, the most important thing for winning is to equip yourself for every situation. What this means is get yourself two weapons that cover long and short range fighting, if you can get a loadout drop, try and make an Overkill class with an assault rifle and a sniper rifle, that way you can fight anyone, any time. I would highly suggest putting a 50 round magazine on your gun too as it will allow you to out-fire your opponents so when they stop to reload, you pelt them more and wipe them.

Adjust your loadout to your playstyle, find what works for you.

My current Warzone Loadout is:

  1. M13 – equipped for accuracy and a 50 round mag
  2. AX-50 – silenced
  3. Smoke Grenades (although I also suggest a heatbeat sensor especially in solo)
  4. Claymore
  5. Perk 1 – Cold Blooded
  6. Perk 2 – Overkill
  7. Perk 3 – Battle Hardened

This of course is specific to me but it’s a loadout that’s seen me through more fights than most others. If you are playing Warzone free and don’t have access to loadouts, don’t worry! The game supplies ample guns for you to use, just try and find the ones that work with your play style!


Now that you have your loadout, the next thing to do it pick an area on the map. Land there often and get used to every building, every roof and every nook in the area. I personally like landing at the areas I’ve marked on the map. The closer to the center of the map you are the more likely you are to avoid at least the first couple of circle shifts. This is important because often knowing your surroundings will give you a heads up over people who don’t often land there or are passing through. Learn how you can move around a fight to give yourself the height advantage. Remember you can leap from tall roofs and pull your parachute to reposition. Taking high ground in a fight is key to winning because you are harder to hit at that angle from below and you have the ability to move far without being too close to an enemy.


Next step: Get money, FAST. Warzone gives you money drops in the floor, in caches and from dead enemies. Gather up as much as you can and find a buy station. Get yourself a self-revive kit and fill up on armour. This means if someone picks you off early in a fight of if you get downed mid fight you can pick yourself up and re-apply your armour then push the fight again. Try and save a little money in case you need to buy a teammate back in, but look after number one first, your team can’t be bought back in if you’re dead, can they?


Another great tip is adjust your audio. The footsteps in warzone can be a bit funky but you can help that out in the Audio settings. It’s always advised to play with a headset on but even if you can’t, go to Settings > Audio > Audio mix> set to Boost Low. This will amplify footstep sounds so you can better hear if someone is coming close. If you’re crouched you’re harder to hear and this can often lead to an enemy sprinting into you, unprepared for the face full of bullets you’re about to give them.


That leads me to another point: Don’t run everywhere. Of course if the circle is coming or you’re being shot then by all means run, but when you’re safe and just moving, try to stay crouched when you move. This makes you a smaller target and people won’t be able to hear you.


Lastly: Communicate EVERYTHING. Learn quickly how to ping everything for your team. Ping armour plates, weapons, money, ammo. Ping where you’re moving to, ping any enemy you see. Ping vehicles. The lot.

This means no matter what, you’ve done your part to keep your team in the fight, if they choose not to listen, if they run off alone and die or if they make a bad decision then you can assume they’re not interested in playing like a team. On the other hand, if they also communicate, if they respond to your pings etc. then you know you can count on them. Adjust how you play to how your team plays, don’t rush into silly fights just because xxK1ngslay3r420xx thinks he can win a 3v1 by himself.


Play smart, play for the circle. Don’t rush into open spaces unless you have no other choice. Let other teams kill each other then move in and finish off the stragglers.


Keep all that in mind and you’ll be watching yourself exfil in the helicopter over and over again. You got this.


Good luck, soldiers!

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