As a pro gamer, a sex god and a guy who owns a PlayStation 4 (only one of these statements is true), I have occasionally become obsessed with the hunt for the next platinum trophy – the shiny sparkly virtual reward for getting every achievement in a game. At the time of writing this, I currently only have 20 of them but I want more so I’m going to kick myself up the arse to get more. I’m also going to go back and review all of the games I’ve platinum’d in the past plus all the ones I will platinum in the future. I will review them on their own merits and not just on how easy or difficult the platinum is but there will be a separate score for the platinum trophy itself. So, let’s start right at the beginning with the 20th Platinum that I got 17 hours ago as of when I’m writing this.

LEGO Ninjago Movie: The Videogame
Platinum Obtained: 13th of May 23:50
How Long?: 1 week 9 hours
Guide Used:

Ahh, LEGO. LEGO would be a wonderful thing to spend my lockdown isolation times doing but sadly I am not a trillionaire so instead of playing with LEGO in real life I thought “what’s the next best thing?” and then when I got bored of Minecraft I decided to crack open a cold one and play a LEGO game. I’m subscribed to PS Now and they said that two LEGO games were leaving the service. One of which will likely be the next game I platinum and the other is LEGO Ninjago Movie: The Videogame.

First things first, the movie! I REALLY liked The LEGO Movie. Like, top three animated movies of the last decade really liked it. LEGO Batman was good too. I was not all that interested in Ninjago to begin with though but I hoped the charm on the other two films would sneak it’s way into Ninjago. It certainly tried…but the movie did nothing for me. I may have chuckled a couple of times but I often forget that this movie even exists. Playing this game and watching the movie scenes made me realise that I remember absolutely nothing about it. So that’s my quick review of the movie – I don’t remember the movie.

Now the game! I like the LEGO games though I’ve only really played the Star Wars, Harry Potter and one of the Batman ones. So I don’t know if Ninjago reflects modern LEGO games but it’s quite different to the ones I know and love in worse ways. In those games you play a series of levels based on the movies. In LEGO Harry Potter you run around a LEGO Hogwarts and it’s cute, it changes as you go through the game. I like it. It’s nice. The levels are then their own separate entities based on scenes from the movie – six levels per movie plus the exploration of Hogwarts means the game is a good length with decent variety.

LEGO Ninjago is eight levels. The levels are pretty long but it’s just eight levels. Those eight levels are also the only eight maps this game offers. The result is a pretty short game that struggles to offer much variety at all. Worse still, literally half the levels are based within the same city. It has to follow the movie I guess but the first three levels are all the first 10-15 minutes of the movie. All of the main characters are ninjas – the clue is in the title – however this means that it barely matters who you pick as to play during the story because they all have a similar moveset.

If you’ve never played a LEGO game before, all the levels are full of secrets and puzzles which usually requires picking the right character and using their special ability to proceed. You are rewarded with gold bricks and new characters for free play mode. The idea is to finish the story and then come back to the level where you can play with everyone you’ve unlocked to collect all the gold bricks should you want to.

The story mode takes a few hours to do, the levels can be pretty long but this is a game with a younger audience in mind and it’s a really easy game. You cannot game over – if you die you lose some studs (currency in LEGO games) and then you respawn. However, there was a few times when the game would spawn my guy on the side of a cliff, he would then slip back into the void as soon as he respawned. The only way I could fix this was by switching to the other guy. Mildly annoying.

The main meat of the time spent with this game to get the platinum will be in free play – each level has around 23 gold bricks to collect, seven hidden characters, things to build, sidequests, races and best of all, not a whole lot else to do. You’ll rarely fight an enemy outside of a specific sidequest in Free Play and as a result, it can get a little boring. Your minimap will show you exactly where these collectables are (or will spawn) but there will be that one gold brick hidden high up in the mountain where you need to do a bunch of stuff to get to but I am dumb and can’t figure out what the game wants me to do. There is definitely one gold brick in the jungle level where it wants you to use Master Wu to use his staff as a swinging pole despite this not being a thing anywhere else in the game and there being no clues to hint that you need to do this. For the most part, this is a platinum that does not require a guide but there are a couple of collectables that will be a bit tricksy if you’re just following the minimap.

In addition to these hubs, there is also a series of dojos – special levels where you have to defeat waves of enemies. At the end you fight a boss and if you win with a high score you get lots of money and you unlock the boss as a character – it’s worth doing these dojos before going for all of the collectables as they all have abilities that you will need for specific puzzles to unlock stuff. The dojos are alright, they’re easy for the most part but there is one thing that’s bad about them. The more hits you land on your opponents you’ll get a higher multiplier – the higher the combo goes the more studs are worth. This is a good way to obtain the money you need to build stuff and to get the highest True Ninja rank which increases when you collect a certain amount of money. So it’s a little frustrating when you lose a combo because the game decides to not spawn an enemy in time.

However, for the most part the game’s trophies are all really easy to get. If you collect everything, do everything and play the multiplayer mode (with bots ‘cos I’m lonely) it should take around 20 hours overall to get the platinum. However, the game does not offer a grand experience, at least compared to the LEGO games I am used to. I get it is a shorter experience to go along with the movie but it just doesn’t quite work for me. While it’s on PS Now and you don’t have to pay extra for it, it might be worth it if you have a young kid as a nice co-op experience between parent and baby. But also there are plenty of other LEGO games on the service that are so much better.

ALTHOUGH, it might be leaving the service next month but the day after I wrote this they announced that they were giving this game away for free. Again, it might be a fun game for a parent to play with their young child instead of having to buy them actual LEGO.


As for the Platinum itself, it’s a very easy one to obtain though at around 20 hours it’s not the most fun task in the world. If you can find a co-op partner, even just to liven things up, it might just make the task more bearable. Still, it is a platinum that is very simple to get with or without a guide.


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