So, usually at this time of the year we’d be snuggling into E3 and the many, many game reveals and trailers. For obvious reasons, E3 isn’t happening this year but IGN is attempting to fill the hole with their digital expo. So, for the next few days I’m going to watch and recap via this sort of train of thought writing. I’ll add in the trailers where I can so keep up with this page, I’ll be updating it when the stream slows down a little during interviews or the such.

Werewolf The Apocalypse: Earthblood – we open with an atmospheric mostly black and white trailer with lots of wolves, and a tree with red leaves. Those leaves go flying into the air and into the hands of a man who picks one up only to wither away and die in his hands, bringing colour into the trailer. However he begins to convulse and the scene shifts to a pack of wolves travelling through a lab/factory setting, running past mechs and body horror monstrosities before arriving at the man from earlier who has now turned into a werewolf. The game is Werewolf The Apocalypse Earthblood. No gameplay.

Metal Hellsinger – Rhythm based first person shooter? Get points for shooting to the beat? Demons – Metal Hellsinger is the game and it features performances from fairly prominent figures in metal music including vocalists from Trivium and Arch Enemy (from the bands I know from my metal days)

Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX – ALEX KIDD IN MIRACLE WORLD DX! ALEX KIDD. Can play in HD and in retro mode. Hell yeah. I got distracted here but it’s Alex Kidd. It’s cool.

Chivalry II – Bloody man hanging upside down, medieval setting. Knights bashing and slicing each other. Gory and violent. They talk a lot. Multiplayer FPS they call it. Oh, it’s Chivalry II! Never played the first one but could be fun.

The Waylanders – Fantasy setting? “Discover romance in an ancient world” – yes, please. Strategic combat. What about strategic romance? Nice cel-shaded style. I want to know how I can discover romance in an ancient world and the rest of the trailer did not elaborate on that. The Waylanders, comes out on the 16th.

Second Extinction Interview – mutant dinosaurs, you shoot them with two friends. Three player co-op shooter. Developed for next gen console – shows off Pre-Beta Gameplay. Shows a lot of guns, lots of mutant dinosaurs and it looks shiny. Hoards of dinosaurs to be brutally shot down. Is man the real monster? Yes, the answer is always yes. Building up a roster of enemies as time goes by – will be a live service game. Game is set in space. It looks pretty with big maps, not something that I would be particularly into but I can see people enjoying it. Can sign up for the Beta right now but no release date just yet.

Rustler (Grand Theft Horse)

It’s a top down game similar to the old GTAs (1 & 2). I guess you can steal horses. Top down shooter – showing off the crossbow and using it to defend against attackers. Also got a sword and shield now. You have missions to do like in a GTA or an RPG. It was Alpha gameplay, could be promising? I’ll keep a small eye on this.

Metal Hellsinger Interview

Confirmed – it’s a metal themed rhythm shooter. It’s still a free moving FPS game but with rhythm elements rather than an on-rails shooter to fit a particular song. You keep up the beat streak and the better you perform the more of the song remains. If you start making mistakes more elements of the song will start to disappear. The reticle shows the beat. It’s an interesting idea and the visuals fit a metal aesthetic really well with gothic architecture and demon slaying. You get a score and there are leaderboards so you can compete with your friends!

The story takes place in Hell, obviously, you play as The Unknown who is going through hell kicking ass. Not much story revealed but the developer hopes it will appease metal fans looking for a metal experience to enrich their metal lives. I hope it plays as well as it looks because it’s a neat idea, I hope the execution is good ‘cos I’d definitely be interested in giving it a whirl. PC, next and current gen consoles and will come out at some point next year.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

FIFTEEN minutes of gameplay. I am super interested in this purely based on the Yakuza name. I really need to get more into that series. Like a Dragon features a new main character and so it’s probably a good spot to jump in on even if you (me) haven’t kept up with the series or never played a Yakuza game before.

It is now a turn-based RPG with a almost Persona-esque look to the menus (Persona is made by Atlus who are owned by SEGA who publish the Yakuza series so it could be a purposeful homage). You have party members who all seem like normal people – like the woman who attacks with her handbag and gives party members a boost with her cuteness and the street busker who attacks with his guitar and has a spell which lets him attack enemies with a hoard of pigeons. From what the developer said there are six party members with one extra as an optional. Gameplay shows a party of four. There is a job system with 19 different jobs but instead of it being traditional RPG jobs, they are based on real life jobs. Each job has their own custom outfits and variations.

The fighting still looks as over the top as ever but acts like a love affair to other famous RPGs as well. The main character is an old school RPG fan hence how they justify this change of fighting style. Still set in the same universe as the Kiryu-led Yakuza games and Kiryu has even popped up in a trailer – the interviewee promises other characters from the games will show up.

The substories (sidequests) from the Yakuza series are still here and still leans more towards the more humorous side which I am happy about. Minigames include a cart racing game where you ride a bicycle powered garbage cart and Ichiban has to avoid rival garbage trucks and collect boost cans for super speed. Looks ridiculous, could be fun.

Will be out on both current and next gen consoles.

Beyond Blue – WHALE. IS THIS A WHALE GAME? Oh it’s a deep sea diving game where you can explore underwater and look at all the lovey animals. There are quests such as scanning a sperm whale. OH MY GOD THERE WAS A CUTE ASS SEA TURTLE. I’m sold. I hope this is as calming as it looks. Still wish it was a game where I was chilling as a whale though.

Wasteland 3 – Is this Wasteland? It’s looking at the gangs of Colorado Springs in this universe, complete with an AI computer head for a President. This game looks fun and I’ve never played Wasteland. I should change that at some point.

PATHFINDER KINGMAKER: DEFINITIVE EDITION – Bringing the franchise to consoles for the first time with this real-time RPG mode but also a new turn-based mode that will probably be more console friendly. Some kingdom building elements too. Another series I’ve never really explored. Comes out August 18th on Xbox One and PS4.

DEMON TURF – this has a fun art style. Reminds me of a much more high definition Parappa the Rapper – 2D characters but within a 3D world. Platformer?

Dual Universe – SPACE. SPACESHIPS. SPACE STATION. LOTS OF SHIPS. A space battle game that promises large-scale battles in space with player-build ships. That could be fun. Your battleship has crews and it even accrues real time damage apparently. Dual Universe it’s called. You can even 3D Print a model of the spaceship.

DEMON TURF INTERVIEW/GAMEPLAY – 3D Platformer but with 2D-esque characters. Lots of different abilities – main character can turn into a bat to glide, a little octopus character that can swim by propelling the tentacles like a motorboat and it’s cool. Can turn into an ouroboros snake that will let you essentially become a wheel and go fast (and even drift, it looks like?).

Story revolves around you becoming the next Demon Queen by taking over the Demon Turfs (AHA) and bringing the gangs together. There are collectables but it’s not a collectathon, you can revisit old levels with the new abilities you get throughout the game.

Aiming for an end of the year/early next year. Will come out on PC via Steam and Epic Store, the Switch and “an Xbox platform”.

OBSERVER SYSTEM REDUX – This game never quite grabbed my attention when it first came out so I don’t know too much about the original game. You play as a FUTURE DETECTIVE who can HACK to find clues. Okay, this is a kind of game I’d be interested in – you can use future abilities like scanning with your eyes to perform forensic investigations. It seems to have a slight noir vibe? I’d dig that – future noir game.  Shows you can hack into a dead person’s mind to find clues of their killer.

It looks cool, it looks creepy and visually interesting. I dunno how this flew under my radar when it first came out in 2017, it seems like a game I’d really dig. Apparently some critics felt it was too much style over substance but it means that it is a visually appealing game. I might just have to keep this in mind when it comes out. Again.

BORDERLANDS 3 DLC – not something I’m particularly interested in but if you have Borderlands 3 or are interested in the series I’ll link the video of the developer interview so you can check for yourself. It looks like more Borderlands to my uneducated brain. It’s set in a western-inspired world with a completely new story outside of the main story of B3.

THE WAYLANDERS – WILL I FINALLY FIND OUT HOW I WILL FIND LOVE IN AN ANCIENT WORLD? Still in Alpha phase but is an active RPG ala Neverwinter Nights with a focus on pausing the game in order to bark orders at your pals. It’s a mix of historical fiction with more magical elements – the video says it’s based on Celtic history, at least in this part of the game.

Graphically it looks really nice and it’s old school RPG approach could make it interesting. Also apparently the writing team contains some of the Fallout New Vegas team which means I automatically give this game a high five. I don’t think I’m going to learn how I will find love in an ancient world.

THE RIFTBREAKER GAMEPLAY – this looks like a top down mech, bullet hell, demon slaying game. Looks like some RTS/base defence thrown in there? It’s visually and aurally super busy. We only got a glimpse of the trailer but I’ll post the whole thing up above when it’s available.

GTFO – a super violent co-op zombie/human-experiments-gone-wrong shooter? The trailer shown is super dark and grimy with gory fast-paced action to go along. The Left 4 Dead comparison would be too easy to make but this definitely feels like a modern take on it at least, mixed in with some Alien-esque horror thrown in. It is currently out in Early Access, has been since the end of last year. Might be a good game to rally the squad for. It seems less like there is waves of enemies and more like a relentless onslaught that ebbs and flows as you complete objectives. Not my thing but it sure looks neat. It’s a trailer for a free update that comes out tomorrow.

MORTAL SHELL – the preamble said this is a Soulslike and the visuals in the trailer initially seemed to support that parallel but luckily they quickly introduced some more magical and mystical elements to let it stand out from that daunting comparison.

Gameplay now and it now it looks a lot like a Dark Souls already. Shells are the playable characters – 4 unique ones within the game and each one will offer different abilities and play styles. Some Shells may give you better dodging, while some are better at attacking etc.

Shows off a boss battle against ‘Enslaved Grisha’ – it looks like a Dark Souls game and if that appeals t you then keep an eye on this one. Gameplay wise I haven’t seen too much to differentiate Mortal Shell from the pack but it looks like a lot of effort has been put into it and it designed as a love letter to Dark Souls, which the developers are more than happy to admit. The story experience will take around 20 hours.

Release Aim is around Q3. Beta will start on July 3rd on PC for those super interested.

VOIDTRAIN – model trains? The action shows the player traversing through the air while tethered, riding on trains (perhaps even a hint at some train customisation) and shooting creatures. Voidtrain – comes out in Fall 2020. Has an interesting art style but not too much revealed here.

So that’s it for Day One. We’ll definitely be looking at the PS5 reveal event tomorrow, and if there’s any interesting games from the next few days of this event we’ll take a look at that too. Until tomorrow then!

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