So, it’s finally time to see what we can expect to see when the PS5 launches. As a lifelong PlayStation owner this is definitely something I have been looking forward to. Much like last night’s Summer of Game post I will be writing this as the event goes on with my real-time thoughts. So if a special reveal happens and I am way too excited about it then expect just four paragraphs of ‘OMGs’. I will also include trailers where I can before posting this article you’re reading right now. So if there’s no trailers below, I’VE MESSED UP (and you can tweet XtoAttack to let us know!). Here we go!

We start with a cube, which eventually transforms into a triangle, then a circle, then the cross, then the square. Suddenly it’s the PS1 opening sound and a little journey through time until it hits a montage of PS4’s greatest hits.

ROCKSTAR LOGO – COULD IT BE BULLY 2 lol, no it’s GTA V. No surprise it’s coming to PS5 but it’s a weird thing to start with. Expanded though and out on PS5 in 2021 but will be free for PS5 owners. PS4 owners get a $1m a month (in-game dollars, sadly) providing they are active in the game.

HEY, IT’S SPIDER-MAN – shows Miles Morales as Spider-Man! Hell yeah, loved the first one. Spider-Man: Miles Morales comes out this holiday season.

Polyphony means GRAN TURISMO – lots of pretty cars. I like Gran Turismo as a car collection thing with racing bits in between, Sport was okay but it wasn’t quite what I expect from a GT. It’s an actual Gran Turismo 7! It already looks more of a traditional GT game than Sport’s attempt at eSports stardom. It looks shiny, it looks pretty, I’ll buy it, I’m sold, it’s GT. I want 1,500 cars. I want Feeder’s greatest hits. Sorted.

PS Studios now and IT’S RATCHET! We only had one PS4 R&C game so this is exciting! Lots of impressive graphics and effects. I’m excited. Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart. I’m excited. Gameplay shows what I’d expect from a R&C but with dimension shifting and it looks VERY nice. Lots of really impressive effects and it looks like it could be a very good game.

Square-Enix logo now – this looks cool. Project Athia – magic, gliding traversal and designed exclusively for PS5. I want to see more of this.

Robot world? The robots are living in a post-human world but now they are the humans. The camera follows a cute cat wearing a backpack. Stray is the game – if you play as the cat I am THERE. Day one.

Showing off the PS5 controller with all it’s features and holes. I want to know how it FEELS though.

Space-woman in space, seemingly having a very bad time. Apparently she keeps dying and coming back to life. Lots of dystopian looking areas. Shooting some pretty creatively designed aliens. RETURNAL.

SUMO DIGITAL now – FLUFFY TIGER IT’S LITTLE BIG PLANET! Oh hell yeah! They’re usually decent games and if they continue bringing forward all the levels already created then it’s a GREAT game for PS5 but it’s just Sackboy: A Big Adventure so it might not be a LBP game after all.

This looks like Destruction Derby but future but also you can leave your car once it’s broken. Almost like a future gameshow. Destruction Allstars is the game. Could be fun.

Aw this looks cute already. Little cute creatures. A game from Ember Lab (dunno them). Girl meditating as it shows her doing some sick action stuff with her staff. OH WAIT, IS THIS A PIKMIN? BUT ALSO BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL? I’m down for both those things. Missed the title cause I was being messaged. (edit: Kena: Bridge of Spirits)

BEACH PARTY! ANIME BEACH PARTY? BUT WITH DINOSAURS AS HUMANS. I’m not too fond of this style. Goodbye Volcano High – going for that Dinosaur Life is Strange market?

IT’S ABE! New Abe! It looks like a mental ass Abe game. Oddworld. It’s Soulstorm – it looks very good. Very good. Never got into Oddworld for many reasons but I love the art style of the games. I look forward to someone decent playing this for me.

Tokyo-based horror game? Can mean only one thing…All this looks cool as hell even though I do not know what I am looking at except that it is Ghostwire: Tokyo looks super cool. I’m intrigued.

This looks nice and depressing! is the Earth dead? We travelling through space? Jett: The Far Shore. Coming out this holidays. Nothing much for me alas.

Gearbox published – breathtaking weapons? We attacking with Keanu Reeves? (year old jokes are my speciality). This looks like a hack and slash, a shiny one at that. Godfall. It didn’t quite sell it for me.

Creators of Hyper Light Drifter – never played that one but I certainly believe they are made by the same person. Solar Ash – dunno what to feel.

IS THIS HITMAN? I saw a bald man with a gun and just assume it’d be Hitman.  Montage set to some ravign music now. Hitman III confirmed. I’m bad at Hitman games but I LOVE watching good (and bad) players play them so I’m excited. Out January 2021.

Astro-Bot? I don’t have VR so I never got to play it but I heard very good things about it. Astro Playroom for the PS5 – not too much information from the trailer but it looks adorable.

This art-style is interesting – being chased by a giant monster, deep sea diving and then bringing down a creature with explosions. Sand surfing, climbing mountains. The art style is super neat and original. This is something I’d keep an eye out for. Little Devil Inside.

SPORTS TIME. BASKETBALL. NBA 2K21. The court looks shiny. Man was sweaty.

STRAWBERRY. CAN I PLAY THE STRAWBERRY. THE STRAWBERRY IS ALIVE AND IS CRAWLING AROUND. IT HAS STRAWBERRY FRIENDS. WITH GOOGLY EYES. What on earth is this? The strawberry was alive and now it’s food. HOW COULD THEY EAT THE CUTE STRAWBERRY. Bugsnax. Could be cute with dark elements? They definitely teased some dark towards the end there!

Yoshida introducing, PS Studios. Dead man being flown across the sky which is just mean. DEMON’S SOULS remake! I played a little of that before servers were shut off – I’m into this.

Arkane Studios? I want to see some stylish action! OOOH, what is this? Rewinding, magic, guns? It looks stylish to be fair, they did not lie! I am digging this to be honest. Rival assassins going after your targets and you? That’s neat. The art style? That’s neat. A game revolving around a time loop? That’s neat. Deathloop? That’s neat.

“His story comes to a close” – whose? Mine? I hope not, I have much to live for. Like this game, if it looks good. Horror game. Resident Evil? VILLAGE: RESIDENT EVIL. Or just Resident Evil VIII if you want. Looks super neat, super bonkers and super Resident Evil.

SPACEMAN IN TIMES SQUARE? That’s not space, that’s New York you messed up! HOLOGRAM KITTY. The rain is going the wrong way, everything is wrong here. I want to know more about holographic kitty though. Pragmata. They land on the moon, but the girl isn’t wearing a space suit. Coming 2022.

This game looks pretty and it is Horizon: Zero Dawn 2! I could never get into the first game but I know a lot of people really liked it so I’m excited for them! It looks very pretty and I’m sure it’ll be really good game. Forbidden West is the game title.

Developer roll call making statements about how the PS5 will CHANGE THE WORLD.

PS5 REVEAL TIME? IT HAS EARS! It glows a light near the fans! I like this, it’s completely original design but it looks pretty slick. I won’t lie, I like it a lot. Oh, there’s one that’s digital only. Huh, I guess that IS the future. I want my disc drive though. I like physical copies of games so I know I’ll be getting that one although the digital one probably looks slightly slicker?

And there we go! I like it, they showed a LOT of games, the console looks good. What are you most excited for? Let us on Twitter, on here or wherever!

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