You know what is great? Final Fantasy V! It’s a great little RPG that is full of replayability, a game with a lot of warmth, humour yet was not afraid to tug at the heartstrings and a story that really goes places. I’ve never beaten it. I got to about halfway through the game but I was a dumb 12-year old playing the PS1 version of the game. I loved this game and FFIV but never quite got through the entire game. It’s been sixteen years, maybe it’s time I beat it.

You know what else is great? CHARITY and when you combine that with FFV you get the Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta! What is the Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta? Good question, what IS the Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta? Well the Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta is a summer-long charity event where a bunch of runners try to beat FFV while being restricted to four jobs. In FFV, every time you finish one of the crystal dungeons, the crystal breaks but unlocks jobs for your party – essentially a fun word for classes. It includes Final Fantasy mainstays like Black, White, Red and Blue Mages, Warriors, Summoners and Dragoons but also classes like Dancer, Beastmaster and Berserkers.

Each job has their own abilities and the fun thing about V is you can mix and match job abilities, you can learn abilities and carry them over even after changing jobs. It means FFV is full of replayability and lots of variation. The Four Job Fiesta, as hinted at by its title, limits your party to just four jobs. Better yet, the control of which jobs you can use is completely taken away from you. Instead that power is in the many hands of GILGABOT.

GILGABOT is a loud but helpful Twitter bot (just don’t mention Final Fantasy Tactics around him). If you sign up for a run it will let you know everything is a-go! Then every time you reach a crystal and unlock new jobs, you tweet at it the right command and it will assign you a new job. Do this for the following three dungeons until you have your four jobs that you must beat the game with.

There are a few different kinds of runs that affects which jobs you’ll get at what time but I’ll reroute you over to the helpful website right here if this all sounds like your jam. The pre-fiesta charity was chosen to be the Minnesota Freedom Fund and it raised over $6,000 for them, however for the fiesta they will be donating towards Colour of Change – a charity focussed on civil rights advocacy to work politically to create true racial equality.

I will be participating for the first time this year over on my Twitch because it sounds super fun and it’s a game I loved during my childhood that I want to finish. Plus maybe raising some money for a good cause? Great stuff! Black Lives Matter and just because the protests aren’t getting the media attention they were two weeks ago doesn’t mean we can suddenly stop fighting for black lives. I’m just a guy with a small platform so if the only thing I can do is a silly stream to either raise money or awareness for the cause then that’s what I’ll do. I’ll also try to amplify the voices who need to be amplified – if anyone has any links to any resource that will help then I will add that to a command on Twitch.

On the 14th there was THE RUN on RPG Limit Break’s Twitch channel (I will edit in the VOD when/if it’s uploaded to YouTube) where people voted on the jobs the runners would have to do the Fiesta with. Following on from this, the Fiesta began today and runs all the way until the end of August. I will be starting my run of the Advance version of the game (cos I’ve never played that one) on Wednesday at around 6pm BST. My Wind Crystal job is Thief. Great. If you want to participate, you don’t have to stream it but if you can supply the bot with a picture of you beating the final boss then you’ll be a true winner! If you don’t want to participate but would like to donate then their campaign is here: . I hope to see you all helping me through the game, some of you doing a run of the game and I look forward to finally beating this game.

Let the Fiesta begin!

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