Some of the video game movies I have reviewed on this website so far I have actively looked forward to watching. Films like Street Fighter, Super Mario Bros and even the most recent one in Sonic the Hedgehog, I’ve had some semblance of excitement – whether it’s because I’ve heard it’s so bad it’s good, or if I’m excited for one of these to be a surprisingly decent movie. The reason the Resident Evil films are so late on in this part of the project is because I never really had that excitement. The first two never really got me going despite at no point truly detesting the series. This marks the halfway point in this look into the Resident Evil films. It’s also where I had to take a couple of weeks off because every time I put on this movie I would get bored and stop after twenty minutes. I don’t think I can fairly review this…but I’m gonna review this anyway. Just take the score with a grain of salt because I could not bring myself to watch this movie in its entirety. I watched it in four parts.

Extinction takes place a few years after Apocalypse. We begin with the opening scene of the first Resident Evil, with Alice waking up in a shower inside a mansion. However one of the rooms contains the laser room from the first movie and after using some psychic powers to eliminate a guard, she is killed by a mine. Her body is dumped by Umbrella guards into a pit of dead Alice clones. The real Alice is too busy riding around the wasteland that used to be America on her motorcycle, off the grid from humanity. She has a book that points to Alaska being a safe haven without the infection spreading there and that’s where she plans on going.

Dr. Sam Isaacs of Umbrella is attempting to make a perfect clone of Alice but due to her resistance to the T-Virus he wants the priority to switch to capturing the original Alice alive. He claims he could use her blood to create a vaccine that will tame the infected, thus creating a docile workforce (slaves). However, CEO of Umbrella, some guy called Albert Wesker (I’m sure he’s not important) tells Isaac to stay focussed on the clones and then he disappears into thin air (he was a hologram all along).

Initially I thought he was being played by Eminem

Elsewhere we are introduced to another new character adapted from the video games, Claire Redfield, and her convoy of survivors including returning characters L.J. and Carlos from the second movie. They find a small town and while searching a motel for supplies, L.J. is bitten by a zombie but decides to hide his injury from the others. The next day a murder of crows – who are infected after dining on zombie flesh – tries to live up to their pack name and murder the survivors. Some die – including L.J.’s love interest – but just when the crows look to overwhelm the plucky group of survivors, Alice arrives and burns them all with her powerful telekinesis powers. Alice has accidentally destroyed her motorcycle with those same powers while having a bad dream so she tags along with the convoy.

She tells Claire about Alaska and after the convoy unanimously votes to take a road trip to Alaska they decide to start their journey by heading to the now desert ruins of what was once Las Vegas to top up on gas and supplies. However, unbeknownst to Alice, Umbrella satellites have picked up her trace and Isaacs, directly disobeying Wesker’s order to not pursue Alice, decides to pursue Alice. They place a storage container full of zombies which leads to many of the convoy to be killed, but the real goal was to shut Alice down via the satellite. While it works briefly, she manages to use her powers to not only break control of the satellite, but to damage it. By the time they get a second one tracked onto her, she has found their little tent and kills most of the guards but let’s Isaacs escape on a helicopter with the idea to track him and find where he’s hiding out. In the scuffle the convoy loses a lot of its more important members including Chase, the sniper, their tech guy and L.J. takes this moment to turn, bite Carlos and then die. Dammit, L.J., should have picked a better time.

While escaping Alice, Dr. Isaacs gets bitten by a zombie. We seem him after being placed under house arrest where an Umbrella worker – who earlier showed disdain for Isaacs – lets him know that he is to be liquidated. Isaacs has taken several vials of the anti-virus as the zombies he used to attack Alice had all been souped-up with her blood meaning their bite has a stronger effect than the normal zombs. So when he is “liquidated” – which is an evil corporation way of saying “we gon’ shoot you in the heart now”, Isaacs immediately gets back up and kills the worker with his new stretchy tentacle arms.

Meanwhile, Alice, Carlos, Claire and Kmart (a teenager who was found at a Kmart and prefers that to her actual name which we don’t know yet) scope out the Umbrella facility which is surrounded by a wire fence and a hoard of zombies. Alice tries to reassure Carlos that the facility will have the antivirus but Carlos says that it’s too late for him and that he has a plan to buy them time to get into the facility and onto the helicopter. His plan is to plow through them in a big gas truck, and then light up a bag of dynamite and blow the heck up. Thus ridding the series of one of it’s more likeable characters. Alice uses this moment to drive into the facility, the survivors board the helicopter but Alice stays behind, telling Claire to look after everyone as they seemingly fly off to Alaska. Alice, well she has some business to take care of.

She finds the hidden entrance to the Umbrella labs where an A.I. informs her that her blood could be the key to curing the infection. However, there is one issue – Isaacs mutated further. The A.I. has held him in a room for now but cannot forever – so before helping Alice create a cure she wants Alice to take down Isaacs. Alice finds the room he’s contained in but also finds one of her clones, still in her statis sphere. However when she is attacked by Isaacs, now fully mutated into the Tyrant, she inadvertently wakes up her clone who falls out of the sphere and seemingly dies in Alice’s arms. Tyrant, who had been stabbed with Alice’s knife, shows off his regeneration ability and heals his wound.

Alice runs into the recreation of the first movie and ends up getting attacked by the Tyrant. She is unable to do any real damage due to his ability to heal but when she’s thrown into the laser room from the first one the end is inevitable. After the Tyrant calls himself ‘the future’ and Alice retorts with ‘nah, you’re just an asshole, mate! Now we both gon’ die!” the lasers activate, slicing and dicing the Tyrant. Put those bits on a skewer with some peppers and have a lovely Tyrant shishkebab. However, before Alice can become cubed, her clone stops the lasers.

Underneath the streets of Tokyo, Wesker informs the board that the American facility has gone dark and that he will personally supervise all projects – he wants results in one month. Holographic Alice pops up to inform him that she’s coming for him right away and she’ll be bringing a few of her friends. The movie ends with Alice and Alice gazing upon an army of Alices as they awaken from their stasis state.

One of the reasons I got some enjoyment out of Apocalypse was because of it having a decent amount of action spaced out throughout the film. The story played second fiddle for the most part. It is a turn off your brain film. This is a film that will turn off your brain for you because for a good portion of it, nothing really happens. The film sort of kicks up dirt as it sticks around for too long in the mud. Even when action begins, by now we know that Alice is unstoppable and she keeps gaining new powers to overcome every situation. She is too powerful and it takes a lot of tension out of any fight scene she is in.


There is a scene that I’ve just remembered right now where she is tricked via a radio transmission into a house of a crazy, violent family who keep zombie dogs on leashes. Even when she is captured and tied up, at no point do we really believe she’s in danger. The only time she actually faces real danger is when she takes on the Tyrant but that fight legitimately ends in a minute. There’s no tension when it comes to Alice.

The rest of the cast still don’t quite get a personality to make it memorable. Claire shows no emotions beyond one scene where she screams in anger. Any character with any interesting qualities dies in this film: Carlos, L.J., Dr. Isaacs. Wesker doesn’t even feel like an over the top villain either, hopefully he gets a chance to shine in the next film.

It took about an hour for this film to really get going and then it ended twenty minutes later. We get the ending to set up the next film but at this point I really don’t want to watch another one. Except I’m pretty sure the next one is the one I saw with a friend at the cinema yet have no recollection of the plot whatsoever. The problem with this film in particular is that it is just boring rather than bad. I’d rather watch a bad movie than a boring one.

This wasn’t enjoyable to me at all. My only hope is that the films either go off the deep end and get weird – or they become entertaining bad rather than boring bad.


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