With the League of Legends World Championships due to start very soon, the release of the demo for High Elo Girls, a free to play visual novel by Split Fate Studios, centred around a team of all female players on their quest to win a prestigious tournament, is timed perfectly! The game has a perfect blend of characters and backgrounds and has the kind of representation that feels like a real group of people you could meet in your day to day life.

The team!

The game works like most visual novels, where you’ll be clicking through dialogue a lot then occasionally being presented with choices that have an impact on the gameplay down the line. The demo only allows you to take the Top lane role at the moment but there is a LOT to play.

From the outset it’s clear that a lot of care and love went into this game. The art style is very nice to look at and the colour palette is pleasing to the eye, all the characters are well designed and memorable and when it comes to the League of Legends based menus and choices the art work blends the HEG and League art styles beautifully. The game has a very easy to listen to soundtrack that gives off the appropriate emotions, for example when you get your first messages from future teammate Kae, who in game goes by “Git sheat on” (which gave me a chuckle) you can tell immediately that this person is not to be messed with. The music shifts into a more aggressive tone and hooooo boy was I put on edge.

The players bedroom, almost too real.

The in game dialogue is fantastically written, the characters all type to each other in ways that we can all relate to in one way or another. We all have one friend who types in as few letters as possible and we all know someone who throws a “:3” in every conversation (and we love them.) The player chooses their own name from the outset and then you’re introduced to you mother and best friend Hermes. The teammates include Toya, Grace, Daphne, Kae and Seneschal. Every character has clearly been thought about to have their own personality and look, I found myself really enjoying the conversations with them as well, ranging from in game comms to discord DMs. Choosing how to respond to certain people in the right way is key to some interactions but for others it just offers you a different conversation with similar outcomes.

We all know people who talk like anyone here

The story for the game sees you being brought in to tryout for an all-girls team with some of the most prolific names around, including a super popular streamer. Through the choices you make while scrimming with the others, you can either crash out and be denied a spot or you can work through the highs and lows to be offered a spot on the team as the substitute. Each game typically has an early game, mid game and late game choice and the choices all stack up so if you mess up early you’ve got a chance to pull it back, just like real League of Legends! The story progression also sees you being added into a Discord called High Elo Girls and the owner is a very self-centred influencer who I’m excited to see progress on the games full release.

What will you choose to say?

Talking to the characters mother seems very real, she has genuine concerns for her child which is very touching. Hermes, the best friend has an interesting interaction that I won’t say anything about so if people want to play it, it will be a surprise!

Hermes, a real best friend

Overall I’d say that this game has clearly been a labour of love, a lot of time and effort has gone in to not only making the story believable but also in to making the League of Legends segments as close to the game in terms of decision making at a high level. This is 100% a game to keep your eye on and if you like visual novels, League of Legends, nice music, good writing or just wanna try your hand at something new then you should give it a shot!

Link to the GAME

Link to the HEG TWITTER

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