Yes, I did play Miles Morales all day yesterday and most of the day today and I did beat the story but to be fair we’re in the lockdown and I don’t have much else to help me feel like I’m out and about in the world. So, how is it?

If you played Insomniac Games’ first Spider-Man game then you know how this one feels to play. The web-swinging through the city is still as breath-taking, fast and tight as it ever was, if anything it’s even a little better. Traversing an open world in some games can be a slog and you end up using fast travel as often as you can, but with Miles Morales you actually feel better not using any of the fast travel options despite them being given to you quite early and there being a lot of them.

The combat is still fun, fluid and open to every direction. You can still web up enemies and swing them around like a screaming man-club and it’s still hilarious. Enemies this time round have a couple of different mechanics which also open up new ways to fight, much like you’d expect, Miles has to use his new tricks to get around some obstacles. The enemy design is also really cool, similar to the outing with Peter Parker, there are opposing factions and that means a lot of butts prime for the kicking!

Story wise, we get a newer take on Spider-Man. Miles is just a young guy, in a loving neighbourhood and like I said at the start, the world made me fell like I was able to get out and about somewhere living and breathing. The characters in the game are all brilliantly written and acted and even though Peter looks a little different, it’s hard to notice it in the grand scheme of things. It’s also easy to get lost in how gorgeous the city looks, the visuals in this game even on PS4 (where I played it) are mind-blowing. The lighting in the city, the costumes and more are all so meticulously designed that you can stop and stare every so often.

You’ve got your standard Spider-Collectibles dotted around, challenges, and suits to unlock; which all give various bonuses and upgrades, gadgets and more! The whole thing feels like it was designed with constant motion in mind. Once you take your first swing with Miles, it doesn’t feel like it stops. It’s incredible. Also the fan favourite Photo Mode is back and now has even more tweakability, including the ability to create your own lighting around Miles, which is ridiculously cool.

The only issues I encountered was I accidentally got caught in a cutscene walking animation against an NPC and had to reload my checkpoint (which set me back all of about 10 seconds) and I had one audio issue where ambient sounds didn’t load so the grunting, yelling and voices were VERY pronounced which honestly made me laugh a lot. The price of the game being brand new is pretty steep so only buy it if you have the funds available, but if you do, you’re in for a ride with a great cast, the environment is BEAUTIFUL and the gameplay is super clean and fun.

I mean come on, it’s Spider-Man. Who doesn’t love him?


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