I always assumed I had seen Alice in Wonderland. For most of my life I have made statements like “I haven’t seen Alice in Wonderland since I was but a wee lad” except in different words because I don’t speak like that. Yet, watching this as my first film in the whole Springdom Hearts Film Review series it made me realise that I don’t believe I’ve ever seen this film in my life. Watching this drawn fever dream made me realise that I only think I’ve seen it because so much of this film has become iconic over the years. From people quoting the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter part and of course – Kingdom Hearts – my brain implanted a false memory. How dare it.

Thankfully Alice in Wonderland is still good, at times a very well animated film considering it is SEVENTY YEARS OLD this year. It feels like a series of disjointed skits at times but considering it ‘was a dream all along’ it gets away with it. Not every segment lands with me, like the flower scene where they all start being mean to Alice which just made me decide I hate all flowers now for being jerks. But there is a lot of creative writing and some jokes managed to get a chuckle out of me – when I’m watching something by myself, a chuckle is pretty damn good going. Well done, Alice.

Wonderland isn’t my favourite world in the first Kingdom Hearts. Far from it, but it’s always been a memorable one – mainly due to it being one of the first Disney Worlds you visit. It is fun to see the what they used from the film for the game, and interesting to see what they didn’t bother including. It’s not hard to see why Wonderland was picked for the first game, it’s an instantly recognisable place with characters that still resonate with people to this day.

At the end of this I will be doing a list ranking all the Disney movies I watch for this little project and it will be interesting to see where Alice eventually ends up. I enjoyed watching it, some parts got a laugh out of me but there were also parts I just didn’t care for. It’s a solid movie with great characters and good animation. Others who watched it as kids will probably still love this film and it’s a film I would be happy showing kids if I ever have any. Now I can say with 100% certainty that I’ve seen this film now, instead of before when I was merely assuming.

My trip down this Disney rabbit hole, though, is merely beginning.


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