(I’m writing this while kinda sleep deprived and sick, but I just watched the film in this same state so you get a review in said state)

Hercules (Editors note: Honey you mean HUNKules!) is an old favourite of mine and watching it again some 20-odd years later I can see why. It’s got a fantastic setting, great music and a story we can all relate to – baby god gets kidnapped, turned mortal, raised by two humble farmers but his super-strength makes him an outcast to society until he has a conversation with his Dad, Zeus, and finds a Satyr called Phil to train him up to be a hero. You know, normal teenage boy stuff. It’s a real fun movie and Hercules (Editors note: Honey you mean HUNKules!) holds up pretty damn well.

It’s the type of film that I might not even think about for years but as soon as I watch it I’m like “yes, I enjoy this”. It’s a film that would be high up on my Disney rank list but it has been so long since I last watched it that it all felt very fresh to me. So what is it about Hercules (Editors note: Honey you mean HUNKules!) that I like? Honestly? I think it’s just a solid film with some very memorable characters in Phil, Meg and Hades – the latter of which has been ruined a little bit with James Woods being a utter ballsack of a human being which is a shame because it is a very fun take on Hades otherwise.

Phil was always my favourite because he’s Danny DeVito and Danny DeVito rules, he is in true DeVito form. Meg I think is a great love interest with an interesting story and character arc. She gets a decent amount of time to develop her relationship with Hercules (Editors note: Honey you mean HUNKules!) and she’s one of my favourite non-Princess love interests in Disney films. Hercules (Editors note: Honey you mean HUNKules!), we love him and all that but he is probably one of the least interesting characters in his own film and that happens sometimes. I would have happily watched a film of adorable baby Herc and adorable baby Pegasus and their adventures though.

The music in this film is a delight, whoever looked at this film about an ancient Greek god and went “yes, this needs to have a Gospel themed soundtrack” is a genius. It works impeccably well and it helped give us one of the most quotable parts of the entirety of Hercules (Editors note: Honey you mean HUNKules!) .

For my history of Hercules (Editors note: Honey you mean HUNKules!) and video games it is two separate demos. The first was a floppy disk featuring a level where you ran towards the titan cyclops which I have only the vaguest memory of playing. The second was the LEGENDARY Demo 1 on the PS1. Playing in the Thebes level I have that background music ETCHED into my brain and with the power of embedding a video into this post I shall let it be ETCHED into your brain too.

I played this level over and over and over as a kid. I didn’t get this game on PS1 until I was about 17 years old – a good 11-12 years after this game came out. I’m not even a big fan of this game overall to be honest but I love this level and this theme song. It is part of my childhood.

Overall, I really like Hercules (Editors note: Honey you mean HUNKules!) . I think it’s got some strong characters, some great voice work, animation, soundtrack, it has everything I could want out of an 90s Disney movie. I don’t think it’s one of the best 90s Disney movies – though that’s a fairly high bar – but I don’t foresee a point in my life where I would say “no” to watching Hercules (Editors note: Honey you mean HUNKules!).

I want to give a big shout out to the editor of this review as well, Blake, I think she’s put in a lot of valuable input and she deserves some recognition too. Thanks, Blake!


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